PHYSICALITY – Size Matters (Urban Vox)

Last week 30 Dates ran #BodyConfidenceWeek, and I know a lot of the male writers struggled to come up with a male angle on the issue.  In fact a number of the male Experimental Daters emailed me to say they would love to contribute, but felt that body confidence was far less of an issue for guys than it is for the majority of women.

What started as a joke over Twitter between me and The One With The Sign, that perhaps he could contribute by writing about ‘willy size’, escalated into Voxy volunteering the share his views on penis size with the world!

Now, in the spirit of honesty, I should probably tell you, when I first skim-read this post, I misread it, and thought he’d been sending girls on Twitter photos of his nether-regions, and asking for their responses!

Don’t worry … not even Urban Vox is that cheeky! 🙂 

Miss Twenty-Nine xxx

I don’t think there’s a way to start this post with a straight face, even if I were in any way inclined to do so. I mean, who on earth can ever talk about his member without giggling at least a little, and without trying to at least do a little self promotion? Yes, I am that juvenile!

So to get the elephant out of the room ( Miss Twenty-Nine editing … BOOM BOOM!) I will go straight out there and say, I don’t have a huge cock! (Am I allowed to say cock?!)  (Miss29 – Yes Voxy, you can say cock on the blog!)

If I am to be honest, it was actually a bit of an issue for me throughout my teens and growing up.

It doesn’t help that I was always involved in sports.  I can remember plenty of occasions when I felt that whole  “penis envy” thing in the locker room. I wasn’t always the smallest one in the room, but to me it always felt like that. It wasn’t until I was way older that I actually started to accept it as it is.

It actually wasn’t until recently that I genuinely stopped caring.  I have a friend who believes in celebrating beauty in all forms and sizes, and she convinced me to pose naked for a project she was doing.  And you know what? It was fun!

I could try and fight the stigma, and explain that in the end, apparently only 3cm actually matter for pleasure during sex… But it’s not quite like that though is it? Last month, surrounded by the ED girls on our post-Christmas night out, I sat laughing and blushing as they talked openly about penis size.  I listened as the girls  openly identified guys by the size of their members!  It was interesting seeing the other side of the coin. And scary in a way… Turns out girls can be way more graphic than us guys! (Miss Twenty-Nine – ahem, cough cough, Belle??!! 😉 ) 

I’ve heard quite a few times that size doesn’t really matter, and curious as I am I actually did ask some of the people I’ve slept with. I was surprised every time. Whilst all of them admitted to assuming bigger is better (one of them actually likes them “supersized” in her own words), your Average Joe always ends up being the one that will hit the spot… provided he knows what he’s doing.

Asking the girls at twitter I did get sort of the same picture:

@urbanvox It does matter yes, too small and you feel less, to long or too wide and it hurts!

@urbanvox nope it doesn’t really matter 🙂

@urbanvox I don’t think length matters, but girth does have it’s advantages

@urbanvox to a degree, yes, but it’s not the be all and end all”

Guess It’s not really about the size of the tool, is how you use it that counts in the end. And if I am to be very honest here, not being of the “supersized” variety has it’s perks for the man in the relationship as well… But THAT I am leaving to your imagination … because a gentleman never tells.

Urban Vox

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