SEX – One Night Stands (Rebound Gal)

It’s #SexWeek at 30 Dates, and the Experimental Daters have been sharing their takes on the topic of Sex.  

Tonight Rebound Gal tackles the famous topic of the One Night Stand, from a female perspective.

Miss Twenty-Nine xxx


So, when I start to think about the subject of sex, there are a number of avenues I could go down (!).

However, I’ve decided to go down the road of the one night stand.

I am a big believer in having fun, so if the opportunity arises, I will, more often than not, take it!  Now, I don’t go out hunting for fresh meat on a weekly basis (which I could very easily do, living where I do!).

And I should probably point out that throughout my 6 year relationship I was completely faithful, and would be in the future if and when I find myself in a new one.

But I’m a very sexual person.

I’m not saying that I can’t live without it, but I do remember one relationship where doing it once a day was a minimum!

This means that I am quite happy to meet new guys, and if I’m attracted to them, well, you can guess the rest.

Me being a girl, this can be frowned upon.

However I honestly don’t see the problem with bringing a guy back, having my way with him and not calling him the next day.

If a guy did it, you wouldn’t be surprised.

People say that you can’t have sex without having that emotional bond. I think you can. As long as you make sure you’re safe and careful, you don’t have to have the awkward, ‘So, I’ll call you…’ conversation.  If you don’t want to call, don’t. It’s no skin off my nose.

I’m not saying I haven’t ever got attached.

There have been a few. But for the most part I have been quite happy to have fun and keep it at that.  Like I said, if I were a guy, it wouldn’t be a problem.

The main things to take away from this are – 

1) Have fun, you only have one chance at life and you need to go out and grab it.

2) Be safe, don’t just go home with anyone. I always make sure someone knows where I am, just in case.

3) Stay protected. Seriously, sex is fun and all, but we all know what can happen if you’re not careful and the consequences just aren’t worth it.

4) One night stands are great, just make sure you look after you.

5) Oh and don’t get upset if they don’t call!

Rebound Gal 

1 Comment on SEX – One Night Stands (Rebound Gal)

  1. To all girls, respect all boys that has the balls to ask you on a date face to face. That’s a quality.
    Guys on on internet just want sex, they do not wont to connect bond. I’ve experienced some thing bad about a guy i meet online. i must commit i did like him. Maybe before we meet and had sex on the hotel
    he left me there whit 300 euro feeling like a prostitute. he thought i was a prostitute. Well the issue about one night internet dating, Guys think you’re a cheap prostitute that lost your mine.
    and in worst case, they will treat you like one.

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