Valentine’s Day: A Feast for Saint & Sinner – (Miss 32)

There was something of a strategic avoidance of the ‘V’ Word on the blog last week – mainly because it was everywhere!  However Miss 32 and Kink spent Valentine’s Night at a rather different event.  And it would be rude not to share! 😉 

Miss Twenty-Nine xxx

I’ve come to find that being a single girl in the City on Valentine’s Day isn’t actually all that bad.  In the weeks leading up to the day I’m always inundated with invites to multiple “anti-valentines” and singles events that are taking place in and around London.

Armed with my single girlfriends and fellow Experimental Dater Kink we chose to see what “The Valentines Masked Ball of the Full Moon” had to keep us entertained on a Friday night, and being hosted by The Last Tuesday Society it certainly did not disappoint!

Within moments of entering the Coronet Theatre in Elephant & Castle we were surrounded by leather, lace, masks and not much else.

I should confess now that we had gone into this with our eyes wide open (rather than shut 😉 ), especially given that the invitation stated “masks mandatory, clothing optional”!

Miss 32

There were so many rooms to visit, each with something for everyone.  There was the ballroom where you whirled and waltzed to the symphony orchestra, or the room where you could be fed grapes, smoked salmon blinis and the occasional cream cake by the naked gold adorned cupids.

photo 2

 Or if things just got too exhausting you could simply choose to relax in one of the hot tubs provided!

photo 4

Whilst my fellow singletons didn’t end up meeting anyone they fancied, they were at least given the opportunity to put a Voodoo curse on one of their exes!  Now who hasn’t wanted to be able to do that at least once in their lives! (I feel it only right of me to provide you all with the link to the website having now mentioned that this is possible…….purely for research purposes only of course!  à

So I said no-one met anyone significant that night….  I should say almost no-one!  One of the girls ended up with a snake all over her that night…

A real, live snake!  Which she wrapped around her shoulders and arms.  Apparently he wasn’t the worst date she’s ever had for Valentines Day!!!

I agreed to take a photo but only from a VERY safe distance!  I could tell it didn’t like me as it started to head towards me, hissing in my direction!  After taking the photo, I ran away and sought sanctuary back in the safety of my spiced rum and coke at the bar!

It was during this visit to the bar that I met my masked man for the evening.

His opening line was to ask me what I feared most in life.

Knowing what other rooms this place had to offer, I was very careful in my choice of words as I wasn’t quite ready to personally sample the “delights” that the Chamber of Venus (an S&M dungeon) had to offer, or indeed visit one of the Couples Room where you were invited to either participate, or just watch others who were already “participating”……..

However, in hindsight this would have probably been far more pleasurable! Instead I decided to tell him about the huge tarantula that I had seen earlier in the night!  I wasn’t prepared for what happened next……..I was led at haste back to the room from which I had only just fled, to be presented with one of the thing that creeps me out most in the world.   Now I LOVE animals, I cannot stress this enough, and it’s not as if I hate spiders, it’s just the idea of their furry little (and believe me his were NOT little!) legs running up all on me sends uncontrollable shudders down my spine.

I will say one thing though, my recent trips to Bikram yoga where deep breathing and visualisation have become my way of getting through 90 minutes of desert heat, were certainly put to the test as I actually managed to let him put the spider in my cupped hands for an entire 15 seconds!

So will I be seeing this masked man again?

Well he took down my details so he could send me the photo as proof of me facing my fear that evening. Unfortunately just after that, he lurched in my direction and started to kiss me in a manner I have not been accustomed to since I was 14 at a school disco.

As a friend said to me afterwards – “bad kisser, bad at sex” and let’s be honest, whilst we can all get through a few minutes of bad kissing and politely move away, the same can’t be said when faced with the latter!

So I hope, whether single or not, you had an amazing Valentine’s Day.

And remember, “everyone has a knight in shining armour out there; some just took a wrong turn, got lost, and are too stubborn to ask for directions”!

Miss 32 xx

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  1. Oh maaaaaaaaan! I can’t believe I missed out on that!!! :-/

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