SEX – An Unexpected Result (Preggers)

So #SexWeek became Sex Fortnight!  And with it comes a new voice for the blog ‘Preggers’ … named so because, as you’ll realise, she’s in a situation which we all think will never happen to us … but which does happen.  A modern morality tale … But one with a broad grin on her face, and in her words.

Miss Twenty-Nine xxx

Let’s talk about SEX baby, let’s talk about babies and me…

So I guess there’s no point beating around the bush (no pun intended, no. Really)

I have a very significant date pending this coming summer.

And no, before you imagine dreamy wedding bells, unlike most my girlfriends I will not be entering the ‘happy ever after’ wives’ club this summer.

Okay so I guess I am just slightly trimming away at that bush …

It’s fair to say I had a
 particularly significant ‘date’ back in October too.  A prequel.  A date, at least half, responsible for the second date.

This first date, was not a date in the traditional sense – a calendar date.  This first date was a man.  And as you’ll soon realise … a significant man.

Date, October, Chemistry, Potential, Alcohol, Fornication, Potential for future
 dating, Very positive

Unfortunately, since then, the dating situation itself turned pretty sour.

With positive unfortunately being the operative word …

The reality of my current situation is rather complicated (especially to those who never had ‘the talk’ or bunked off sex education).

But in plain English, I am a female mammal, with a developing offspring in my body.

An offspring conceived not quite on a first date.  But at a very early stage in a relationship …

My ‘positive’ situation.

It’s easy to make assumptions about someone you don’t know.

We do it all the time when we’re online dating.  And even once you’ve met up with someone in real life, thanks to the amount of information available about us all online, it’s especially easy to develop expectations of someone before you actually grow to know them.  Virtual expectations.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, don’t judge me.

I’ve already had the job of informing my grandparents about the reality of my situation.  Faced their judgment of my life as compared to their expectations.

I’m 27.  Unmarried, and single, I have my second child on the way.  But let’s face it, it’s not 1950 and I
am a long way from tarnishing myself with any brush of failure.

And whilst I do love a good chinwag, in the most inoffensive manner, I would describe myself as the polar opposite of a Jeremy Kyle guest!

So who am I?

Right for starters, I enjoy role play and getting filthy… And that’s just trying to keep in character as a Disney princess or painting with potatoes!

You’ll have to excuse the innuendo, but it is #SexWeek after all!

As someone who already has experience as a single parent, there is no question that one of the difficulties I face in relationships is that my children will always come first. I also have my own string of step-family stories which has solidified my mothering beliefs and actions.

Ironically I have just been whisked away from my short burst of poetic typing, by the call of nurture itself! A teacher from my daughter’s nursery phoning to inform me “three children have been sent home with sickness and diarrhea”

My reality.

But I am more than a single mum.  More than a pregnant vessel.  And hopefully more than a reminder of the pitfalls of contraception for you guys!

As I approach my second significant date this summer, I hope to reassure you, that awkward as it may well sound, my current situation is a happy one.  I will revisit some of the tales which got me to where I am today, and share with you the realities I know I will face, when I eventually head back out onto the dating scene again.

I look forward to telling you more about it all …

Preggers 😉


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