#WednesdayDatingClub Tale (Kink)

So when my friend suggested we go silent dating I’d completely forgotten that Miss Twenty-Nine had been previously – it was back in September, and such a lot has happened on the blog since then after all! As previously discussed I have ‘no chat’ so I thought it might be a nice option and a good way to get myself back into the game so to speak!

It was only when texting Miss 32 about the pop up speed dating she’d seen on MIC (I didn’t tell her I had to google what MIC was before I responded!) that she reminded me that she and Miss Twenty-Nine had already been.  I settled down to re-read the blog post on the way to the event. It was a pretty good review, so I figured it would probably be ok.

My friend and I arrived 10 minutes early and headed to the bar.  We casually whispered to two lost-looking girls at the bar – ‘are you here for the thing?’ *nod, nod, wink, wink* and the four of us nervously ventured upstairs together.

A nice hostess explained what would happen and we waited with baited breath for the men to arrive.  More and more women turned up, each beautiful and warm.  Everyone was really friendly and we were having great chat as a group of girls.  One of the lovely ladies even noted ‘this is a great place to meet women’ and it really was! Unfortunately we were there to meet guys, and so had to stop talking shortly afterwards!

Now I’ve got to say that on reflection, whilst I didn’t really love the event I think it reminded me about some things about myself.

My friend, who is usually hard to please, really enjoyed the experience, even though there wasn’t anyone there who she particularly wanted to date. She said it was fun and remarked that she had smiled most of the evening. Which I guess was true! After the initial awkwardness and the giggling, some of the games were enjoyable and all the eye closing was quite relaxing.  My one piece of feedback though was that there was a little too much ‘touching’ for my liking!

The event really reminded me that:

a)      I’m really self-conscious, probably more so than I like to think

b)      I use humour as a defence and my standard fall-back when uncomfortable

c)       I’m constantly playing power games and don’t ever want to give up control

The last one I definitely knew but it was interesting to see it play out in silence!

The first thing my colleague at work asked this morning was ‘how were the men’ and surprisingly they were actually pretty good! Attractive, well dressed, clean! I would say they were mostly under 30 and all seemed pretty nice and approachable. I even ticked my sheet once!

I don’t think silent dating is for me, unfortunately, but I’m glad I went!  And it did get me out dating on a Wednesday night!

Right what’s next?!


2 Comments on #WednesdayDatingClub Tale (Kink)

  1. What kind of games did they get you to play? If I may ask… 🙂 thanks!

    • Oh it was so long ago! I think there were a couple of improvising games where we had to mime things to our partner, there was one where we had to move around the room with our fingers touching and one where we had to look at the other person while they closed their eyes. Bizarre!

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