What is Love? Baby Don’t Hurt Me! (Mischief)

Following the success of #BodyConfidenceWeek and #SexWeek on the blog, I figured it was time the 30 Dates Daters turned their pens to the topic of Love!  Kicking things off is Mister Mischief

Miss Twenty-Nine xxx

What is Love?

If you had asked me this 2 or 3 months ago, I would have given my usual answer: I don’t really know what love is. I know what it’s like to love a family member, a friend, but not someone outside those two definitions of relationships.

What is Love?

Lust I know

Agape* I understand

Familial love I have and appreciate

The love of a girl, I’ve only recently come close to

knowing but even that I don’t know

to be the real thing.


The girl, whom I shall call Moy Drogoy (It’s Russian)

has captivated my heart. I am enamoured.

The short time we had during her holiday in the UK

is a memory I shall treasure for ever.


If you read on you will see that

I have chosen a left brained approach.

Probably because I am male, definitely because

I am a programmer and have a habit of taking

the formulaic approach. A path well trodden etc.

It’s a logical sequence for me, which given a set of

parameters and constants will always result

in the same outcome

Love: I think it is the enactment of,

but not limited to, the following assertions

– I am insatiably physically attracted to you

– I have a strong desire to be around you

– I am glad hearted at the thought of you

– I will put myself in harm’s way for your safety

– I will make many a sacrifice of my life for you

– I will put up with your quirks and foibles and restrain my own

– I will trust you with my darkest secrets

– I will remain faithful to you until my last breath

– The words “I love you” from me to you are an undying pledge


For true love I would expect that these

assertions would be mutual verities and reciprocated.


How long would it take for these assertions to be true

for both parties?

Will they remain true always?

A lack of first hand experience denies me the answers.

However, I believe all of the above is required. As well as the

time taken to build trust and share those feelings.

(There is no such thing as love at first sight)


Even in the brief time we corresponded before her holiday,

I feel that, for Moy Drogoy, I can easily make 6 of

the assertions I stated above. She confesses 3 of them

apply to her with respect to me.

Was it not for being separated by a great

distance I would pursue her until

we both felt all the assertions applied.

At the very least I am happy for the time we had.

(That said, I’ll probably do all that I can to see her again)


I digress.

Anyone can say the words I love you

but to have them whispered in earnest

not only for a brief moment of passion,

nor as fleeting sentiment,

or as a tool to beguile …

That is the ideal.


(Isn’t that what love is? Someone please shine a light

on the darkness of my ignorance

lest I continue, blissfully unaware)


How will I know when I’m in Love?

I guess it will start with a girl,

someone whose lust for me is equal to my lust for her

and she will have a carefree and playful nature.

Then hopefully, over time, my left brain list of what love should be will be satisfied, then this girl and I will live content and happy till death us do part.

Privyet, LS (just in case she reads this)



*Agape (Greek) refers to Unconditional Love

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