Love & Lust at The Playboy Club (Rebound Gal)

Last Friday night I was fortunate enough to celebrate Rebound Gal’s 30th Birthday in the front row of a McBusted concert! Who say’s 30 is old! 😉 

Rebound Gal’s big day began in the small hours, at The Playboy Club, just hours after The Coincidental and I went on our extremely odd Smeeters date!

Miss Twenty-Nine xxx

When Miss Twenty-Nine asked if I’d like to go to the Love&Lust event at The Playboy Club, I jumped at the chance for two reasons.

1) I’d been to a couple of their events in the past and had a great time and

2) It was an excuse to celebrate the last night of my 20s in style!

Screen Shot 2014-04-30 at 23.29.40

I met with a couple of friends beforehand. A work colleague of theirs was having some leaving drinks. I tell you now, every one of the boys wanted to come along to ‘The Playboy Mansion’ with me!  But unfortunately for them, this time there weren’t any tickets on the door.  As the Love & Lust events have tended to get going a bit later in the evening, Miss Twenty-Nine and I decided to meet at Playboy at 10.30.

On arriving, Miss Twenty-Nine, her school friend and I met one of the organisers and a very tall Playboy bunny in full satin corseted bodice, collar, cuffs, bow tie and fluffy white tail! She wrapped my gold wristband on and showed us through to the bar.

Screen Shot 2014-04-30 at 22.52.51

As a venue, the Playboy Club is very opulent, all gold painted and leather. As you’d also expect, the drinks were rather on the pricey side. Having realised Prosecco was £20 a glass, we opted for rose, and headed into the crowd to mingle.


It was a small venue, so whilst it was busy, the numbers weren’t massive.  A clear benefit of the location was that it had attracted A LOT of guys (and abnormally tall ones at that!).  It’s rare to go to a singles event and see that many guys there, let alone attractive, tall ones!  There were some cute guys but this time it seemed we’d arrived a bit too late – for the most part they’d already found someone to talk to.  (Apart from some ‘delightful’ guys who compared us the cuts of steak and asked if we ‘lay back and thought of England’ in bed! – Miss Twenty-Nine)  

It was getting close to midnight (and therefore my 30th birthday) when a group of guys arrived by our table. They asked if they could join us, and Miss Twenty-Nine mentioned that my big day was fast approaching!

It was then that one of these guys, we’ll call him the Big Spender, offered to buy a bottle of champagne to celebrate! £320 later, we were sipping Dom Perignon from the most beautiful glasses.

photo 2-1

Miss29 had to head off as it was her first day at the Guardian the next day, but I decided to stay. I was having a good chat with Big Spender and was also looking forward to placing a birthday bet! The Playboy Club is also a casino, so the Big Spender and I went over to the blackjack table. Time for another birthday surprise –  Big Spender said that he’d give any winnings he had at the end of the night to me as a birthday present. Turns out he was pretty good at blackjack!

When it was time for me to leave at 1.30am, BS handed over two £50 notes and wished me ‘Happy Birthday’. I tried to give them back but he refused, he hadn’t had them at the beginning of the night and he wouldn’t miss them now!

I didn’t particularly fancy him, but he was such a nice guy. You don’t get many of those these days!

All in all I very much enjoyed my night at the Playboy Club. The venue is nice, if a little expensive, and I wouldn’t have gone there if L&L hadn’t been there.

As always Love & Lust was well organised with a good group of people all looking to have a good time.

I really do recommend their events as a good fun night out, and if you get £100 as a birthday present, that’s a bonus!


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