Purdey’s Top Tinder Tips

Last Summer here at 30 Dates blog we managed to introduce a number of singletons to Tinder, after I used the app to find some of my original 30 Dates.

However, I personally have one woman to thank for introducing me to Tinder, and that lady is reality TV star Purdey Miles …

Before Purdey graced the Paternoster Chophouse with her bubbly presence in this year’s season of C4’s First Dates, she took part in a documentary called How To Find Love Online, hosted by Dawn O’Porter.  Rather amusingly, with the help of Tinder, Purdey managed to wrack up more first dates in two months than the rest of the other 30 singletons put together.  The show aired while I was seeing Henley Boy, and was certainly an inspiration for my 30 Dates Challenge.

And so, when I met up with Purdey earlier this week, as part of a feature I’m writing for The Guardian Soulmates blog, I thought it only fitting to find out her top tips for the world’s favourite Dating App.

Mall Tavern

As anyone who has seen Purdey on TV will know, she doesn’t mince her words.  And the same can be said when she’s on Tinder!

‘I don’t want a penpal! I ask four questions max …’ she declares.

1) How are you?
2) Where are you from?
3) What do you do?
and finally, straight to it –
4) Wanna grab a drink this week? 

Her technique works – she scored so many dates when she was on How To Find Love Online that she needed a team of production staff manning her Tinder account for her!

So what has a year on the notorious app taught Ms Miles about online interaction?

Before the date – 
  • Keep your distance search option on a short radius – you’re more likely to get a date that way
  • If you don’t chat within 24 hrs of matching it’s unlikely to ever progress.
  • If you don’t switch numbers they are unlikely to be interested in (meeting) you
  • If you suspect a catfish – call them out. Anyone planning to meet up shouldn’t be afraid to give you their number or Facebook details.
  • When someone asks you ‘what are you looking for on here‘ it is code for ‘are you DTF?’
  • If your date keeps bailing on plans to meet (even if they seem keen), leave it because they’re unlikely to ever make the effort to meet up.
  • To avoid an awkward ‘I hooked up with your friend’ scenario make sure to check Mutual Friends in advance.

On The Date – 

  • Always say it’s your first Tinder date
  • Don’t give away any information that would suggest you have stalked them! (on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc)
  • Make sure you eat before going on a drinks date – that way you won’t get too drunk (otherwise one thing might lead to another)
  • Following a first date kiss, make sure you have the strength to walk away if you’re looking for more than a one night thing.
  • Don’t put out too soon if you want a guys to take you seriously.

Finally, after the date – 

  • You can see how interested your Tinder date was in you by seeing when they were last active on the app following your date. For example if they are active moments after your date has ended, you can probably assume you didn’t win them over!



Some wise words from the 23 year-old.  I have a feeling there is a lot of exciting stuff coming up for Ms Miles!


Watch this space to find out how Purdey’s Blind Date at the Mall Tavern went …


Miss Twenty-Nine xxx

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