The Single Quote – Nikki Sanderson

As most of you will know, last week I drove up to Liverpool to the Hollyoaks set to interview Nikki Sanderson and Jeremy Sheffield – the stars of the soap’s current domestic abuse story line.

In the run up to the interview, while I was doing my research about Nikki, I noticed a coincidence.  She’s also 30 and single.

Now, it goes without saying that Nikki is a beautiful woman – whenever I mentioned the interview to male friends, they offered to come up and pretend to be my assistant, in the hope of getting to meet her!  And she was just as attractive in real life, if not more than she is on screen.  Naturally bubbly and down to earth, it was impossible not to warm to her.


She’s also incredibly successful – a regular face on TV since she was just 15, she starred in Coronation Street for six years, and was also a series regular on Heartbeat.  She has over 100,000 dedicated followers on Twitter (and I mean dedicated, I only have to mention her and they’re messaging me and retweeting bless them!), and is a shining example of an accomplished modern woman.

And, as the success of her current Hollyoaks storyline has proven, she’s also an extremely talented actor – one so skilled in her role as a victim of abuse, that genuine victims have contacted her over Twitter with their own private stories.  A performance which also sees her nominated for this year’s Best Actress at the British Soap Awards.


Talented, successful and beautiful, she could probably have most single guys at the drop of a hat, and a few not-so-single ones, and yet she’s happily single.  When we spoke about it at the end of our interview, she gave me an idea.  In the coming months, I’ll be meeting several single celebrities, and if there’s ever been a message behind 30 Dates, it’s that you’re not in it on your own.

Sometimes it may feel like you’re the only single person in the world, but you’re really not.  And being single isn’t a failure, it’s a life choice!  Right now, at this moment in time, there just isn’t anyone around worth sacrificing aspects of your independence for!

And what better way than to remind us all of how normal being single really is, than by getting some inspiring quotes from single celebs!

So what did Nikki have to say about being single?

‘I’m single, I’m independent, I’m happy.  When it happens, it happens!’



Nikki and her onscreen partner Jeremy Sheffield have very kindly signed 10 sets of autographs for 30 Dates Readers.  To get your hands on a signed photo, please email me at  The first ten readers to email in, and tell me which of the 30 Dates was their favourite, will receive a signed pic of both actors 🙂

Miss Twenty-Nine xxx

To show your support for the Hollyoaks domestic abuse storyline, and the great work Nikki and Jeremy are doing, please visit the British Soap Awards soap and cast your votes.  Voting closes on May 23rd.





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