The Single Quote – Gina Yashere

Last week I was privileged enough to have breakfast with the hilarious comedienne Gina Yashere, as part of an interview I did for the Guardian Soulmates blog.

Not only was she great company, but she is also an inspiring singleton.  Gina’s comedy wins awards every year, and she recently conquered American audiences with her humour – no mean feat for a British comedian.  Almost twenty years ago Gina left a job as a lift engineer to try her hand at comedy, and has never looked back.  Her stand-up is a neat mix of political and social commentary, with tales from her real life.

Gina Yashere 3

Gina lives in New York these days, but was back in London for the Udderbelly Festival, and I was lucky enough to watch her sold-out Saturday gig.  My friend Lydia and I literally left with aching faces, we’d been laughing and smiling so hard through out the hour-long show.

Gina is openly lesbian, however she has dated men in the past.  If you check out my Soulmates interview, she spoke really candidly about her love life, however there is one particular gem about being single I wanted to share with 30 Dates 🙂

Last week we began a new feature with Hollyoaks actress Nikki Sanderson – The Single Quote – where we quote famous, happy singletons, in a hope to remind anyone reading who is single, that everyone is single at times in their life – including famous faces.  Being single doesn’t have to be a bad thing – and we hope to showcase that with our celebrity Single Quotes!

Here is Gina Yashere’s ‘Single Quote’ –

‘I like being single! I like living on my own, doing my own thing. I like my own space.

So if I got married, we’d have to have our own houses, next door to each other, so I could go away and have my own space when I needed it!

It would be a very unconventional marriage!’

Gina Yashere 1

Follow Gina on Twitter @ginayashere

Miss Twenty-Nine xxx

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