The Single Quote – Keavy Lynch

A few weeks ago, I met up with Keavy Lynch from B*witched.  You’ll be able to read my full interview with her later this week on the Guardian Soulmates blog, but I thought I’d give you a taster.

Keavy is 35 and unmarried.  She’s happily single, but her twin sister Edele has been married for eight years, and has three children.

My interview with Keavy is about comparing yourself to other people, however I thought this quote would resonate with any singletons out there, and anyone who feels like they’re falling behind their peers in the whole Game of Life –

‘My little sister’s engaged, and she’s getting married in April.  I never thought my little sister would be doing it before me, but I’m in a comfortable place with it now, and I don’t mind.  Everyone else’s time is different to my time, it’s not my time yet.  And they’re my choices as to why I’m not there yet!’

B*witched walking image

B*witched’s latest EP – Champagne or Guinness – was released in April.

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