The Single Quote – Lindsay Armaou

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to meet two of the gorgeous girls from B*witched.  You can read my full interview with Keavy on the Guardian Soulmates Blog.  I’ll be following it up next week with an interview with Lindsay about dating after her divorce.

These days Lindsay is happily coupled up, however she spent two years dating following her divorce from 911’s Lee Brennan.  She describes the time as her first proper opportunity to date, as she met Lee at a young age.

And when I asked her about single life, Lindsay was refreshingly positive about the time she spent single –

“I have to say, I’m really really grateful for the two years I’ve had to date before I got into my current relationship, because I think I needed it, and I did need to meet different people.  

“The whole dating thing is about meeting different types of people in order to refine what works for you and what you find attractive.  It’s not just about starting a relationship with the next person you meet, or the next person you fancy.  It’s about broadening your mind and broadening your knowledge of the different types of people who are out there, and being able to choose what you like and what you want.”


Wise words from a lovely lady.  You can check out the full interview on the Soulmates blog at the end of this month!

Miss Twenty-Nine xxx

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