The Single Quote – Joss Mooney

Here at 30 Dates we have a weekly feature called ‘The Single Quote’ where a different celebrity gives us an exclusive quote – either telling us exactly why they thing being single is important, or by sharing a positive story about single life if they’re now coupled up.  This week we have our first male celeb – reality TV star, PT and model Joss Mooney – who proves he’s not just a pretty face , despite constantly being called a ‘living Ken doll’!

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The sunshine may not have been overly reliable so far this Summer, but MTV certainly kept Spring sizzling with the first series of Ex on the Beach.  Eight attractive singletons were set up in a lavish villa, thinking they were in for a luxury holiday, only for various ex boyfriends and girlfriends to appear on a weekly basis.  If you’ve yet to see it, it’s basically Geordie Shore, meets Jerry Springer, meets Baywatch, on steroids.  (And yes, despite that description, it’s really rather addictive!)

Next month I’ll be heading up to Manchester to check out Ex on the Beach stars’ #RossAndJoss (Ross Worsick & Joss Mooney)’s lad pad first hand, including Joss’s now infamous signed headboard – his equivalent of a notched bedpost!. (Don’t worry, Twitter fans, I’ll heed your warnings and try my best not to ‘accidentally get spit-roasted’)

Ahead of the interview, Joss shared some of the reasons why he’s more than happy being single right now –

“I enjoy being single because it gives you the chance to do exactly what you want.  

“Being in a relationship can stop you from doing things that I believe you need to do or try before you settle down.  Vegas, lads’ holidays, travelling – they’re all a rite of passage.  And unless she’s an absolute legend, or the most trustworthy person ever, it’s unlikely a girlfriend will want you to do those things!

“Yes, relationships do have their benefits – regular sex, experimenting, and attention on hangover days being just some of the perks – but if I’m honest I think, until I’m ready, I’m going to do things that I want to do.  Not because I’m selfish, but because we all only live once.  Until I’m ready for a relationship, I’m going to carry on doing my own thing, having fun, and being single.”


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You can follow Joss on Twitter @joss_mooney, and on Instagram @jossmooney.  (And ladies, the instagram is definitely worth a peek … he doesn’t wear his top very often at all!) 😉 

Miss Twenty-Nine xxx

3 Comments on The Single Quote – Joss Mooney

  1. Little bit Cynical // June 30, 2014 at 12:49 pm // Reply

    He sounds like a bit of an ass tbh! Relationships are more than sex on tap and being waited on hand and foot! He had it right the first time, too selfish for a serious relationship!

    • What I will say is he’s 24 – which probably says a lot. If you watch any of Ex on the Beach, these are quite restrained comments!! 🙂 The reason I think he’ll be quite an interesting interview next month is that he represents a big part of lad culture today and their approach to being single. Joss will also hopefully be writing some tips for the blog on ‘how to identify a player! 😉 xxx

      • Little Bit Cynical // July 2, 2014 at 8:58 am //

        I didn’t watch I have to say, only saw the adverts. I guess having been in a long-term relationship since I was pretty young, lad culture baffles me. I think I’m maybe old before my time! Also at 26 I think that’s probably why I always go for older men 😉

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