The One with Another Sign!

For anyone yet to read the original 30 Dates which kickstarted this entire adventure, my very first date was a bit of a let-down.  Basically I went on Plenty of Fish, rekindled conversation with a guy I already knew I wasn’t overly interested, and had a rather dull date in a rather dull pub.  I went home, and comfort ate all the chocolate left over from the picnic with Henley Boy which never happened.

A few days later, I went on my second Challenge date.  This time it was well and truly blind.  An old uni friend had set me up with her PhD supervisor’s cousin – a tenuous link, but she knew him well enough to have faith he’d be a good blind date.  My friend’s judgment was spot on.

I met ‘The One with the Sign’ under the bridge, by the BFI on London’s South Bank.  He was standing behind stacks of second-hand books, awkwardly holding a small sign which read ‘Date #2’ … and so the nickname ‘TOWTS’ was born.

Date 2.2

Date 2.1


My date with The One with the Sign was everything I had hoped for the Challenge, and more.  It was an adventure.  I saw a side of London I’d never explored before, with an interesting, engaging guy who had lot of stories to tell.  We got on quickly and easily, and have stayed friends ever since the date.  In fact he’s written for this blog before, and whenever I’ve needed a male guinea pig, he stepped up to the plate.  He was the very first Experimental Dater, and let me set him up on the second Experimental Date.

Who can forget Yoga Dating?! (that’s him in the blue trousers …)

Bar Group Shot Lo Res



Or climbing the O2 dressed as Santa, and carol singing at the top?!



I even managed to rope him into going on a blind date for the Guardian ….

photo 2-1

One of the great things about this blog, is the completely new friendship circle I’ve made.  One of the reasons I used to hate being single was because all my friends were coupled up.  Thanks to this blog, I have just as many single friends as married ones, and I genuinely include TOWTS among those friends.

By complete coincidence (before I’d even looked into when the blog’s 1 year birthday was) I booked tickets for a show on the South Bank for tonight.  Frisky & Mannish – the cabaret pop duo who unwittingly became the soundtrack to my 12 Dates of Christmas with their song ‘Perfect Christmas Single’ (about being single at Christmas!) – were on at the Udderbelly Festival, so I bought two tickets a while back.

And when I realised it was the blog’s first birthday, then I figured TOWTS was the best person to ask along – my first ever proper blind date!

He didn’t disappoint, in fact look what he turned up with ….

photo 2-1


photo 3-1


photo 4-2


The One with Another Sign!  What a bloody legend!

And with that, I not only owe a big thank you to TOWTS, but also to everyone who has been a part of the crazy 30 Dates roller coaster over this past year.  Whether you are a reader, one of my dates, one of the Experimental Daters, a guest writer, a Twitter follower, or you just stumbled upon this blog whilst searching for ‘penis blogs’ and ‘nude Tinder’ on Google (where at least 100,000 of the 240,000+ hits have blatantly come from!), THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

Fingers crossed, all the hard work everyone has put into helping me make 30 Dates what it is today will pay off in the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards next month … if you haven’t yet had chance to VOTE, please click on the link in the sidebar – it should only take a few minutes, and I really do appreciate your support.  30 Dates is nominated for Best Sex and Relationships Blog, which is category number 10 as you click through the voting form.

Huge thanks again to everyone, and here’s to another epic year!

Miss Twenty-Nine xxx



4 Comments on The One with Another Sign!

  1. See, that’s the kind of stuff (his first sign) that some people think, men only do in romantic comedies. What they don’t realize, is that guys with that kind of wit and humor, inspire romantic comedies to be written. 🙂

    Congrats on the anniversary.

  2. I just randomely found this blog!
    It’s divine! I am having so much fun at reading your sincere and fresh narrative skills.
    Can’t wait to go on my next date!

    Good luck with your new adventures
    A new fan writing you from Mexico

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