The Single Quote – Modupe Adeyeye

Early this week I was on the set of Hollyoaks, where I was lucky enough to interview one of the show’s newest cast members.  Former Eastenders actress Modupe Adeyeye now plays Blessing Chambers in the Chester-based soap.

Interviewing Hollyoaks' Modupe Adeyeye

You’ll be able to read the full interview soon, however here’s a sneak preview.  Not only did ‘Dups’ teach me how to take a proper selfie, but when I asked why she enjoys being single, she taught me a whole new expression! 🙂

Inspired by footballer Emmanuel Adebayor’s “baby boy” Vine, Modupe described herself as a “Baby Girl”.

“When you’re not in a relationship, you’re a baby girl – you can do what you want!  You can really live, and do a lot of fun stuff!  

Being a baby girl is fun – and me and my friends are baby girls.  We’re enjoying our lives!”


You can follow Modupe on Twitter @MODUPEADEYEYE

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