The Year in Numbers

This month we’re celebrating the blog’s first birthday here at 30 Dates.

Probably the most common question I’m asked is how many dates I’ve been on this past year, and the honest answer is I don’t know, but rather a lot!

There are however some other vital statistics from the first year of 30 Dates …

Number of Celebs Interviewed


Jeremy Sheffield, Nikki Sanderson,  Gina YashereKeavy Lynch & Lindsay Armaou (B*witched), Modupe Adeyeye, James Sutton, Joss Mooney & Ross Worswick (Ex on the Beach).

Number of guys I kissed

shutterstock_140653879Enigma, Fresh Prince, The Big Kid, Tyler Durden, Guy Fawkes, Mr SC, Streetmate, Captain Charm-Offensive

Army Boys I’ve Dated (After Saying I don’t date Army Boys …!)

shutterstock_140653855*Cough* …. spotting a slight pattern there!

The Queen’s Guard, The Skype Date, The Superhero Alter-Ego, Guy Fawkes, Mr SC, Bear Grylls, Captain Charm-Offensive

Complete Surprise Dates I’ve Been On


The Fake Pimpernel, Stitch, The Enigma, The Superhero Alter-Ego, The New Yorker, Captain Charm-Offensive

Number of Countries I’ve Dated In


England, Spain, America, Ireland, Holland

Number of Guys I Slept With


You’ll have to work that one out yourself!

Thousands of Pounds Spent on Trains from Reading to London 


Yes honestly … now you see why I moved to London!

Marriage Proposals


No, no … not me! Though the boat guide did offer midway through my first date with Mr SC!  Two of my best friends announced weddings in the next year (you know you’re an adult when …. )

Number of Times I Got Arrested in the Middle of a Date …


FML!! – The Most Embarrassing Moment of My Life Ever

Number of Boyfriends found – 

shutterstock_140653882Number of Regrets About Not Having Found a Boyfriend – 


Here’s to many more years, and many more numbers!

Miss Twenty-Nine xxx

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