30 Dates, One Year On … The Attic Mouse

This month 30 Dates celebrated its first birthday, and as part of the celebrations, I asked some of the original 30 Dates to tell us about the last year from their perspective.  Last week I summarised my year since 30 Dates began, but what about the boys involved?  Are they all still single too?  Do they still live in the UK?  What else can change in the short space of a year? Who better to say, than the Dates themselves … First up, it’s Date 9 of the 30 – The Attic Mouse!



He was one of the few dates I went on in my hometown of Reading.  Recommended by an old school friend, the Attic Mouse gained his name from her – they had been flat mates, and apparently she’d given him the nickname at the time, because he’d been so quiet to live with.  When we discussed how the pair knew each other on the date, the nickname came up, and his blog nickname was cemented.

On our date, back in August last year, The Attic Mouse took me to a golf driving range, and then for greek meze in Caversham – an area of Reading I had once lived in.



I remember thinking at the time what a great guy he was.  Whilst there wasn’t a spark between us, he was the kind of guy I would happily have set up with any one of my single friends, and it’s interesting that within less than 3 weeks of our date, he was snapped up!

At the end of August, the Attic Mouse met his now girlfriend on Plenty of Fish (proving there are lovely, normal guys who date online!)

When I asked him how 30 Dates changed his attitude to being single, the Attic Mouse explained that it made him realise that “mass-dating is absolutely fine, after all – it’s a numbers game, isn’t it!”

From Devon originally, the Attic Mouse still lives in Reading, and by the sounds of things, the change in his relationship status is one of the few major changes to his life in the past year.  When I asked him if he’d learned any lessons in the last year, he answered “I’m much fussier than I ever thought, and also more patient than I expected.”




So, sadly for any Attic Mouse fans out there, he’s been snapped up, and sounds very content in his not-so-single status!  Once again, I’d like to thank the Attic Mouse for his role in 30 Dates – without him, I’d have never completed the challenge, and this blog would have never become what it has.  I’d also like to thank him for coming back a year on, and letting me post his photo on the blog!  I think his is a nice tale to start the ‘Where Are They Now’ stories, because so many of you reading date online, and it just goes to show that longterm relationships can be found online, and that there really are nice, normal guys on internet dating sites!

Watch this space for the return of some more familiar faces … 😉

Miss Twenty-Nine xxx

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