30 Dates, One Year On … The Hollywood Actor

One of the things I loved most about my 30 Dates Challenge was how many really interesting, eligible men I met along the way.  The Challenge highlighted just how many incredibly eligible men are still single, no matter what you might think!

One of the most interesting characters I met on my Challenge, was on my final date – on September 29th last year, the day before my 30th birthday.  He was my Date Number 30, and the second of my American Dates.

The Hollywood Actor is a friend of two good friends of mine who live in LA.  On the final day of my twenties, we climbed up to the famous Hollywood sign, and stared out across Los Angeles, before having brunch in a traditional American-style diner.  It was the perfect rom-com-esque way to finish my Challenge – a date which seemed to have been taken straight out of one of my favourite movies.



These days the Hollywood actor is still based in Hollywood, though he’s no longer single.  In his words he met his girlfriend in college and “broke up and got together 11 times.  Maybe 12.  We finally figured out we had to give it a real shot again.”

When I asked him what his best date this year has been, he explained that he and his girlfriend keep insanely busy schedules. “One night we finally got out on a perfectly normal date.  Italian restaurant, pasta, garlic bread, shrimp, wine and canles.  It was exactly what we needed, and it was special because it was a moment of stillness in an otherwise chaotic lifestyle.”


The Hollywood Actor rehearsing with director Jason Alexander for his production of Neil Simon’s ‘Broadway Bound’ at The Odyssey Theater

So what did the Hollywood Actor learn from taking part in 30 Dates?

“It re-taught me that I can find amazing places just around the corner, just google that shit. I mean, come on. Google it, and you are there. There is a park somewhere near you that you’d like to go lay in and read……..google that shit.”


The Hollywood Actor (Noah James) in his new film “My Best Friend, Ben”

And the biggest lesson he’s learned in the past year?

“When negativity gets into your heart, jump into the ocean – be with yourself -and drain it out. If things don’t go your way, perfect…It’s just a harder challenge that you get to slay. We are very fortunate, and most absolute necessities go our way, so we owe it to ourselves to trudge forward through the obstacles that actually trip us up.”

Positive words, from a really inspirational guy, who I was very lucky to spend a day with, trekking up to an international landmark.

It’s great to see the Hollywood Actor’s career really taking off, and here’s to many more years of updates on the blog!

Miss Twenty-Nine xxx

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