Twister Up The Shard with DoingSomething

If there’s two things which DoingSomething do well, it’s dating events at London Landmarks, and BIG sporting events!

In the past they’ve run record-breaking ping pong and bowling singles events, as well as table tennis at the top of the O2, and an igloo ice bar at the top of the Shard.  And so when it was announced that someone would be running Singles Twister at the top of the Shard, it was no surprise to find out that DoingSomething were behind the idea!



The last time I was at the Shard was for one of my first dates of the 30 Date Challenge – with the Model Brother.  I remember commenting at the time how expensive it is to go up to the View from the Shard.  During the day, it costs £25 to head up to the viewing platform on the 78th floor, which is quite a lot of money for a view.  If you are heading to the Shard for a date, I’ve always recommended going to one of the bars or restaurants instead – very similar view, but with something to show for your money!

However last night I wasn’t on a date …. I was at a dating event.  And as I queued up with a crowd of eager singletons, waiting for entry to the iconic building, the atmosphere was already electric.  It felt like the start of a school disco.  I had arrived on my own, and it was really strange being in a situation where I knew everyone around me was single, but we weren’t yet in the comfortable, relaxed surroundings of the event!  People sneaked glances at each other in the queue, and then in groups of 12 we were ushered into the lifts and up to the 69th floor for a welcome drink.

The event started at 10pm, which is rather late on a Wednesday night to begin a dating event, though the crowds certainly weren’t put off, and when we headed out of the lift on the 69th floor, at barely five past 10, the place was already bustling.  We collected our complimentary punch from Caribbean Rum company ‘Duppy Share’ and I went off in search of Purdey Miles – my singles event partner in crime!

photo 4-3

We both commented on how busy the event was, and how even the split of guys and girls seemed to be.  As I’m always saying, the more random the singles event, the more ‘normal’ the dating crowd, and there was a very eligible crowd of fun singles there.

Once we’d done a couple of circuits of the 69th floor (which also had a cash bar), we headed up to the 78th floor to get stuck into the giant Twister game.

photo 1 copy

Giant was the operative word – the game was HUGE!  Laid out in traditional DoingSomething colours, the entire 78th floor of the Shard was covered in coloured circular mats.  A guy in a top hat and white suit, wrapped in fairy lights, was doing laps of the top deck, barking Twister instructions out to the crowd on a megaphone.  Right Hand Purple!  Left Food Red!

There were a couple of logistical issues with the game – the circles were MILES apart, and because they were trying to run one huge game around the circular room, it meant if you came up at the wrong time, you had to wait some time to join in with the next game, however everyone was getting really stuck in!  One of the benefits of running the event at 10pm was that most of the crowd were already merry and up for a laugh, so people got really involved in the game.  Some too involved … there were certainly a couple of outfit decisions which women were regretting as they stretched further and further out across the plastic grass covered floor!



There was a really good crowd, and the top floor was heaving – both with people playing Twister, and others spectating around the outside of the room, or taking photos of awkwardly poised friends!  We looked on as Matt Chappell from Ask Men lowered his bum closer and closer to a poor unsuspecting girl’s face!  And laughed at how inflexible our friends were.  I was rubbish at it!  Despite regularly doing yoga and having pretty long limbs, I got disqualified by the top hat guy within a few minutes, for having my knee on the floor at the start!  Oops!!


As far as dating events go, it was a real success.  For the first hour and a half the party was absolutely heaving!  The activity was fun and a real ice breaker, and people were really getting into the spirit of things.  I think more could have been made out of the ice-breaker nature of Twister if the circles had been closer together, as it would have forced daters to get a bit more up close and personal (and made the game a bit easier!!).  Also, whilst I appreciate the tagline was ‘Giant Twister’, I think logistically it might have been better to have run four separate games in the four corners of the room, so that people could join at different intervals – as lots of people would head downstairs for a drink, and come back to find the next game had already started.

After the an hour or so of official games, people began playing on their own in sections of the room, which I think was where the dating event really came into its own as people were socialising with strangers, and having a really fun time.  There were lots of opportunities to pose for photos, and ironically there was so much going on that you basically forgot the incredible views around you!  Despite being nighttime, the Shard is an incredible party location – it would make a great place to have a birthday party! (A girl can dream …. 😉 )

photo 4-2


It did start to go a bit quiet after about 11.30 – which is the limitation of running an event at 10pm on a Wednesday.  When I first found that out, I assumed it’s because the tourist attraction closes at 10pm, which makes sense … however it’s a shame the tickets were still quite pricey (£39).  It’s a lot of money to pay for a singles event where you’re only getting one complimentary drink – but we didn’t hear any complaints, so I think daters understood how expensive it is to head up the Shard anyway, and were happy to pay the £14 extra for the company of so many other singles, and the entertainment value of the Twister!


Of all the DoingSomething events I’ve been to, I think this was the best one.  It was a great location, really well attended, and had the right mix of guys and girls.  The Twister proved a really fun, decent ice-breaker, and everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves!

There was a rumour going round that Doing Something’s next venture at the Shard will be a singles sleepover???? I’ll believe it when I see it!  Watch this space!

Miss Twenty-Nine xxx


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