First Date Fashion by Sian Miller – One For The Boys!

Stylist Sian Miller offers two date outfit ideas, for men going on a dinner date.

For the last few months, Stylist Sian Miller has been treating 30 Dates to her fashion tips for a range of different dates.  But all the outfits have been for girls so far!  Now, we know that a number of 30 Dates readers are guys, and so, not wanting to leave out the men, this week’s First Date Fashion revolves around a guy going on a dinner date.

Miss Twenty-Nine xxx 

Dinner Date – Look Number One


I really like all these colours together, neutral and maroon are a great combination. I’ve gone for black chinos as they’re a nice smart alternative to jeans and i’ve chosen black as you don’t want another colour in this outfit or it would look far too much! The shoes are a great finish for this look, the colour fits in really well to keep the outfit nice and co-ordinated and they keep it looking smart while still stylish. Admittedly, they are expensive but these are timeless and can be worn with a smart suit or on a date with a slightly more smart/casual look. This is a relaxed, stylish outfit that’s perfect for a restaurant date!
Dinner Date – Look Number Two
This look is a slightly more summery look. I really like chino shorts and as before, they’re a nice way to smarten up the outfit for a date scenario! Blue and tan look great together and suit anyone, the colours complement eachother really well and I always think blue and tan look effortlessly stylish but still smart. Adding a shirt to the shorts ensures the look stays date worthy and doesn’t stray into beach territory however the shoes add a nice nautical touch. I really like this belt and the colour with the outfit, you could tuck the shirt in or out to show off the belt, it would work either way.
Sian xx

Sian Miller is a freelance fashion stylist and personal stylist specialising in live events and editorial styling. She’s worked on events for various shopping centres around the country, styling catwalk models and dancers, as well as styling for a number of national magazines. Sian’s blog focuses on showing you how to create different looks, how to style trends to suit everyone and how to make the most out of your wardrobe. You can also contact her at for any enquiries, be it work or fashion advice!


2 Comments on First Date Fashion by Sian Miller – One For The Boys!

  1. WordPress users …. has anyone worked out how to remove a Header Image from the actual post??? The Blog Post tool changed this morning, and I can’t find the function any more!!! xxx

  2. Seriously….thats going to give awsome look to boys for their date.I like your combination very much.

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