First Date Fashion by Sian Miller – The Boris Bike Date

Summer may feel like it’s coming to an end, but there’s still some sunshine left, promise!  And the best way to make the most of the end of summer is with active, outdoor dates.

You might remember how flustered I got, on my date at the start of the summer with Captain Charm-Offensive.  Why? Because he told me I had to turn up wearing trousers, and I always wear a dress to a first date!  Eeek!  It turned out there was a good reason – he appeared at Notting Hill Gate tube station with a Harley Davidson!  But even if your activity is more Boris Bike than Motor Bike, our resident stylist Sian has some outfits to help you feel beautiful and elegant on an active autumnal date!

Miss Twenty-Nine xxx

Boris Bike Date – Look Number One


So this week I was asked to put together a couple of looks for a Boris Bike date. I love this date idea and it’s a really fun alternative to the stereotypical dinner or drinks. It does mean a bit more consideration on your outfit choices though!

This first look is great for this type of date, as it takes into account both modesty and practicality issues. A jumpsuit is a stylish alternative to trousers or a dress and means you can still look glam while ensuring you’re not flashing anything you shouldn’t be! Wearing a skirt or dress is a definite no-no on a bike as your attention is going to be on protecting your modesty or watching the material doesn’t get caught in the chain, rather than actually enjoying the date! I’ve tried on this jumpsuit before and it’s a really comfortable jersey that would be perfect for wearing on a date like this.

The sandals are a good option for a bike ride as they are secure and comfortable so no danger of losing one on your journey! The bag is a perfect choice, it has a long strap which you can either clip on as a long shoulder strap or looped through a clip to make it a backpack! It’s a brilliant idea and so versatile. Wear it as a backpack during your ride to keep your hands free and then if you decide to take the date to a restaurant afterwards, you can wear it as a stylish shoulder bag. I have this in duck egg blue and I absolutely love it!

Boris Bike Date – Look Number Two


I like to think this look has a slightly Hepburn feel to it.  It’s stylish, comfortable and sophisticated. The trousers are comfortable yet nicer than a pair of jeans for a date, and the print is also perfect for hiding any potential mud spatters!

I really love this jumper – it has a relaxed, loose fit that’s perfect for an active date and the colour is a great way to lift the black and white of the trousers.

I chose the shoes as the colour works well with the other colours in this look; they’re comfortable and simple yet still nice enough to wear out afterwards for dinner or drinks. I wanted to add some simple jewellery to the outfit that wasn’t going to get in the way so a small gold necklace was a good option.  It’s a pretty addition to add some bling without being a hindrance while cycling!

Lastly, the bag is a gorgeous colour, especially with the mustard top and as a cross-body bag, it’s perfect to wear on a bike ride.  As with the bag in the other look, it keeps your hands free for the ride, yet still looks nice slipped on one shoulder for afterwards!

Sian xx

Sian Miller is a freelance fashion stylist and personal stylist specialising in live events and editorial styling. She’s worked on events for various shopping centres around the country, styling catwalk models and dancers, as well as styling for a number of national magazines. Sian’s blog focuses on showing you how to create different looks, how to style trends to suit everyone and how to make the most out of your wardrobe. You can also contact her at for any enquiries, be it work or fashion advice!


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