The Single Quote – Lucy Watson

Earlier this month I interviewed Lucy Watson about her new dating book ‘The Dating Game’.  You’ll be able to read the interview, and my review of the book soon, but to kick things off, I thought I’d feature Lucy as this week’s Single Quote.


One of the best parts of her dating book is her attitude to being Single, and it’s something which she opens ‘The Dating Game’ by talking about.

“It all beings with being single, and working out exactly what you want.  We are modern girls who aren’t chasing men or desperate for a guy to define who we are.  We get out of life what we want, when we want.”


“It used to be embarrassing to admin that you were single.  Now, it you say ‘I’m single’, it means you’re pretty hot and you’ve decided not to settle for some average guy.  Instead you are taking your time to work out what you want out of lie and who you want to spend it with.”



If you only read one chapter of Lucy’s book, it should be “Single Status” because the advice is genuinely really positive and sensible.  In the book, the 23 year-old talks about finding your confidence when you’re single, and the way that your best relationship needs to always be with yourself.  She underlines the positive aspects of being single, and says all the things we need to be reminded of every now and again.

“Never feel sorry for yourself – Enjoy being single while it lasts.  I guarantee, when you meet a guy you’ll wish back to the days when you had no commitments”

Miss Twenty-Nine xxx

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