30 Dates, One Year On … The Stallion

It’s Bank Holiday Monday here in the UK, which means one year ago, I’d just finished Date Number 19 with The Best Man (and realised how few decent London pubs are open on Bank Holidays!).

I’ve spoken recently about the different guys’ reactions to my Challenge last year.  On the whole, the 30 Dates knew about the Challenge, and about this blog, however there were a few notable exceptions.  One of those exceptions was The Stallion!

He earned his name because he is Italian, I wasn’t very original, and he really was rather pretty.

There was a rather entertaining tale behind my date with The Stallion.  We were set up by a friend I made when I was travelling.  Back in England, she was his manager, and he’d only just started work in London.  Essentially he arrived in England, his boss set him up on a blind date, where the girl organised everything, and then by an odd, awkward accident of timing, I also ended up paying for everything on the date!  Lord only knows what his idea of English dating must have been!  Oh yeah, and then Boris dropped in midway through!


Our Date was at National Paralympic Day at the Excel Centre in the Olympic Park.   I’ve spoken recently about how passionate I am about Paralympic Sport.  That afternoon I watched Sitting Volleyball for the first time, and it was really interesting to watch such a different sport.  The atmosphere was brilliant, and we had a really fun time watching England play the Dutch team.



At the time, The Stallion knew nothing about 30 Dates.  I was under strict instructions by my friend not to tell him – because she was his boss and she thought it might be inappropriate!  And then a few months ago she finally told him the truth!  It turns out he took it really well, and started reading the blog himself!  So huge thanks to The Stallion for being such a good sport, and taking part in the 30 Dates, One Year On series!

So what has The Stallion been up to since I last saw him?

He still lives in London, and has realised the more realistic side of British dating.  However he’s no longer single (like most of the 30 Dates boys!).  He met his girlfriend a few months ago, through mutual friends.  She’s Italian as well, and the relationship all came out of the blue.  “Our first kiss was unexpected and it happened during a Sunday brunch!  Our first date was actually a couple of days later; we started with a couple of glass of wine in Covent Garden, and then just went for a burger.  Nothing “special” but just walking and chatting was enough – it’s been great from that first moment.”

In the past year he moved to England, moved house 7 times, made new friends, and a new girlfriend – just showing how much your world can change in 12 months.

Before he met his girlfriend The Stallion describes his “most adventurous date” as a date with a lady much older than him!  And his worst date as one which went downhill after an “awful first kiss”!

What’s the biggest lesson he’s learned in the last year?  Something all of us could do with remembering ….

“There is no need to ‘hunt’ for the right girl … she’ll appear when the time is right.”



Huge thanks to The Stallion for being such a great sport about it all … especially after he found out the truth!  I actually apologised to him when I got back in touch, and he was so lovely and chilled about it all! “No worries, I had fun!”

Which as we all know, should be the main aim of dating! 😉

Miss Twenty-Nine xxx

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1 Comment on 30 Dates, One Year On … The Stallion

  1. Agreed, when the time is right, the right person appears…but is it for a reason, a season or a lifetime?

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