30 Dates Gets Around …

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😉 This week I’ve been Moonlighting on some other websites!  I’ve done a couple of interviews about the UK Dating Awards, which I’ll tell you about later this week, but first two lovely ladies asked me to feature on their blogs!

First off, I wrote a post about all the Lessons I’ve Learned about Men, for the fabulous Katy Horwood, of All Sweetness & Life.

And then I wrote my take on organising the Perfect Low Key Datefor the Matchmaker behind Mutual Attraction, Caroline Brealey.

If you like what you read on the 30 Dates Blog, and would like me to do a guest post for your blog, or a regular advice feature for you dating website, give me a shout over Twitter @30Dates or by email to charly@30datesblog.com.

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Miss Twenty-Nine xxx




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