At Least I Know My Tinder Photos Look Like Me …

As I’ve mentioned a couple of times, the Friday before last, I was lucky enough to get tickets to be in the audience of The Last Leg.  It was a great way to spend a Friday evening, and during the show a couple of friends noticed me laughing away in the audience.

Screen Shot 2014-08-23 at 19.15.28


Before the show went live, they asked us to pre-record a clip.  As some of you know, Ian Botham made the news the week before last by allegedly having his Twitter account hacked.  The other, more likely, scenario, is that he tweeted a photo he meant to send as a private text message.  The result was a rather awful penis shot, shared with over 300,000 Twitter followers worldwide.

The Last Leg couldn’t show the photo itself, so they decided to pre-record us, as the audience, looking at said penis.  Except they didn’t tell us what they were about to show us on the video screens above our heads, until the image came up!

They ran out of time during the episode, and never even got to mentioning Ian Botham.  In fact I actually tweeted all the presenters after the show, using their famous hashtag ‘#isitok’ to ask if it was ok that they made us stare at the willy for no reason!


I managed to erase the ugly photo from memory, and so it was somewhat of a surprise, when 1 week after filming, I got a text from my sister saying “You were just on the Last Leg!”.

I got home just in time to catch the Channel 4+1 broadcast of the show, and sure enough, there I was, staring in shock at the video screen.

photo 1


A couple of friends sent texts and some of the 30 Dates Twitter followers spotted me immediately.  But it was one particular message which made me laugh.  Back in February, you might remember, I returned to Tinder somewhat heartbroken after the Mr SC situation, and needing a distraction.  I began chatting to about 20 or so guys on Tinder, and went on 4 or 5 dates.  One of the guys I chatted to, but never met up with, was a guy called Tom.  It was one of those (all too common) dating scenarios, where you Whatsapp for a couple of weeks, but never pin down a date.  At most, Tom had seen four photos of me on Tinder, one of which was also my Whatsapp profile.

So I was pretty impressed / slightly weirded out, to receive the following text (6 months after last exchanging a message).

photo 2.PNG


After months telling singletons around the world to be honest on their online dating profiles, at least I know my Tinder photos are clearly realistic!  I flashed up on The Last Leg for all of two seconds!

I stand by my facial reaction to the penis photo … It was all very grey, from an odd angle, and almost unrecognisable as male genitalia!  Whoever took the selfie, I would suggest they check out the guidance we’ve given on 30 Dates before about How to Sent a Successful Sext Message, and that they follow the golden, unspoken  rule next time … Make sure you send it as a text, not a Tweet! 🙂

Miss Twenty-Nine xxx

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