The Single Quote – Scott Mills

One of the most important parts of 30 Dates is to teach singles to enjoy themselves, and that being single is something to embrace, not to beat yourself up about.  With that in mind, whenever I interview a celebrity, I ask him or her for their positive views on singles life.

This weekend I took’s ‘Love Train’ from King’s Cross to York, with Radio One’s Scott Mills in charge of all announcements on board.  During my chat with him on the return journey, despite being very happy with life with his boyfriend Brad, he had a lot to say about single life.
East Coast Love Train (3)



“A lot of my friends are serial ‘relationshippers’ – they will go from one relationship to the next.  I’m not like that, I’ve had loads of times in my life when I’ve been single and really happy about it.  I used to really enjoy it – I used to fill my time with friends, who I wanted to see, things, that I wanted to do, and new places, where I wanted to go.  It’s actually quite empowering to not have any ties – I think it’s great!  Don’t just force yourself into a relationship because you want someone to cuddle in the winter!  Don’t be scared of being single!”



I have a lot of time for Scott.  I think he’s a great, positive role model, and I’ll be covering more of my interview with him on coming out, and what being gay in 2014 should really mean, later this month.  He was a real pleasure to chat to … especially when he gave me a sneak peak at some of his Strictly moves on the train!

Miss Twenty-Nine xxx


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