30 Dates, One Year On … The Ones Who Got Away!


Over the past three months, 13 of the 30 Dates, or rather 12 of the original 30 Dates, and the Skype Date, all returned to the blog to tell us what they’ve been up to in the past year.  One found love in Vietnam and brought her home with him eventually (The Fake Pimpernel), one is engaged (the Skype Date), one is jetting off to the other side of the world (The Big Kid), and several have found homes abroad.

But what about the rest of the 30?

1) The Normal Fish – 

Truth be told, I would only recognise him in a crowd if it was a very small crowd.  The only reason I remember his name is because I kept a note on my phone …(and who said girls can’t be players too!) Oops … Am guessing he’s probably still living in Reading doing the same job … that may sound condescending, but he was very ‘settled’.

3) The Burlesque Dancer – 

Again, I’d probably struggle to recognise him.  After he asked me if I owned any nipple tassels or merkins, I conveniently lost his phone number …


4) The Model Brother – 

Is very happily coupled up.  According to Facebook (we’re friends, but he never replied to my request to return to the blog), he’s just moved in with his girlfriend … aww!

5) The One with the GSOH – 

We never stayed in touch, which is a shame as he was lovely.  I’m still convinced he was gay and just hadn’t come out yet.  That would have made a great ‘how my life changed this year’ story!

6) The School Crush –

We haven’t spoken since our date, but my very best friend is now dating his best friend, so I hear about him every now and again.  He didn’t know about the blog, and so wasn’t best pleased with me when he found out!  He’s now in a relationship and still lives in Reading.

10) Mr Twenty40 – 

I don’t think anyone will begrudge me not staying in contact with this character … though his antics on our date were mentioned in the Evening Standard article last week!  So at least his legend lives on!  Some of you may remember the ridiculously gorgeous, yet inappropriately young Tyler Durden who I saw for a couple of weeks last year.  Mr Twenty40 was the water boy for his rugby team.

11) Stitch – 

You’re probably starting to see a pattern of the ones I didn’t stay in contact with! I.e. the BAD dates!!! Stitch was the one who went a bit crazy when he found out about the challenge and the blog, and accused me of recording our date with a tape recorder in my hand bag.  We haven’t remained in touch!


14) The Upgrade – 

I’m still in touch with the Upgrade, who is one of Miss 32’s good friends.  He trialled Shhh Dating with me earlier in the year, but didn’t appear in the One Year On features because he’s currently backpacking around South America.  He’s still single.

15) The Booby Prize – 

Another bad date.  Enough said! 😉

16) The Argentine Matador – 

The gorgeous Matador still lives in Madrid, though he’s working in Germany these days … crazy!


17) The Pupil – 

I spotted him on Tinder a few months ago.  I swiped left.

18) The Fresh Prince – 

I’d have happily gone on a second date with this charmer, after our drunken snog in the middle of the day in Green Park station! But it wasn’t to be – he moved to Paris … and then at some point in the last twelve months defriended me on Facebook … gutted! 😉

20) The Surprise Package – 

I told him I was a bar reviewer.  I’m pretty sure he worked me out.

23) The Oxford Blue – 

Was a bit of a dick! He was seeing someone when he came on our sushi making date!

24) The Exhibitionist – 

Was also a bit of a dick, and also seeing someone.  This time last year he was aspiring to become a fitness model, and counting every calorie he ate on our date.  Not my kind of man I’m afraid.

27) The Superhero Alter-Ego –

One of my favourite dates, he had me fascinated.  Again I would happily have gone for a second date, but he disappeared off to America as part of his job as an Army helicopter pilot.


28) The Voice – 

Ironically, my ‘date with a Christian’ turned up one of the rudest and least accommodating guys I met on my 30 Dates Challenge.  Not exactly what the Threads blog had wanted when they recruited someone for my challenge.  Unsurprisingly he was equally unaccommodating when I asked if he’d return to the blog.  I got a blunt text back saying no.  Oh … and I’m still waiting for him to write up his side of the date!

29) The New Yorker – 

My friend on Facebook, but we haven’t spoken since I left the States.  According to Facebook, he recently celebrated his birthday in a glass room full of balloons!

HUGE thanks again to all the boys who did share their stories with us all – if you missed any, the links are all below 🙂

Miss Twenty-Nine xxx

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The Queen’s Guard

The Skype Date

The Fake Pimpernel

The Enigma





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