Is Lucy Watson Taking Her Own Dating Advice? – Part Two

Tonight was the second episode of season 8 of Made in Chelsea, and it was time for us to watch Lucy’s first date with Proudlock.  As I explained a few nights ago, Lucy published a guide to Dating this summer … and I thought the best way to review it would be to see if she’s following her own advice!  Cue lots more funny facial expressions!

So … Chapter Three … The First Date!  Like most of Lucy’s book the Dating Game, the advice in this chapter is confident, no-nonsense and ballsy … but is Lucy actually taking her own / ghost writer’s advice, when it comes to her own love life??!  I think we can probably already guess the answer!

“Try to keep yourself busy.  Otherwise you’ll totally overthink it.” (sic)

Before the date, Lucy went shopping for an outfit with her sister and Binkie.  For someone who talks so confidently about dating, she gets extremely awkward, snorts with laughter, and looks like she wants the floor to open up when Binkie suggests she wears good underwear.

Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 00.32.12

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“Go for drinks, not supper… You don’t want to rock up to a restaurant and have to endure hours of awkwardness till the bill arrives.  So, always do a test drink first.”

Oops … failed there.  She met Proudlock for dinner at Beach Blanket Babylon in Notting Hill.  But she does obviously know him, so we can make some allowances!

Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 00.37.01

“During the date maintain eye contact.  Not in a creepy way.  But in a sexy I-am-not-intimidated-or-nervous way.”  Now, I’m not saying it’s easy to not be nervous, but I couldn’t help giggling when I re-read this advice, having seen some of the faces Lucy pulled on her date with Proudlock.  Bless her, she was clearly immensely nervous … I don’t think many of us would aspire to pull this face on a first date!

Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 00.38.24

“Never talk about your ex-boyfriends.  It will immediately put a guy off, keep your issues to yourself he (sic) isn’t your therapist or your girlfriend.”

Almost immediately conversation goes to why Lucy has been avoiding Proudlock, and one of her answers is “I’ve had some really bad experiences with guys!”  Proudlock asks her why she puts an emotional wall up, and suddenly the conversation gets really hardcore for a first date.

Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 00.38.00

My final observation of Lucy’s first date with Proudlock isn’t something Lucy did, but rather something her date did … which had my toes curling.  After one of the most emotionally hardcore conversations I’ve ever heard on a first date, before they’d even ordered the food, he asked her out on a second date! (What if something had gone wrong later???)

She said yes, but then later admitted regrets to Binkie.

Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 01.17.36

In the Dating Game, Lucy’s advice for second dates is to “Work out if he is your kind of guys.  Are you attracted to him?” But yet again, as she talks herself out of a second date whilst chatting to Binkie, and then acts really awkwardly with Proudlock at the polo (accusing him of being creepy, telling him everything that was wrong about their first date, and demanding they don’t refer to their second date as a proper date), I can’t help but feel she’s letting her own nerves and issues get in the way of going on a proper second date with him.  Yet again, avoiding all eye contact with him …

Can we learn anything from Lucy’s Dating Game in Episode Two? Yes!

– Make eye contact

– Don’t pull faces (though some of them did endear me to her a lot more than actually meeting her in person did!)

– Don’t talk about serious stuff on a first date

– Don’t make a big fuss out of getting a second date.

Let’s see if they actually make it to a second date next episode!

Miss Twenty-Nine xxx




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