It’s in His … Pizza Toppings?!?


As daters, we’re often told we’re looking at the wrong things when it comes to finding a match.  But a recent survey conducted by Pizza Express seems to suggest a rather unlikely source of new insight!  Pizza toppings!

International smell and taste expert Dr Alan Hirsh teamed up with the high street pizza chain to work out what your favourite toppings say about you … and which choices are most compatible in a partner.

So is this a completely new idea?  Dr Hirsh explains that the ideas behind ‘pizza personality’ go back a long way.“It’s long been known, thanks to Freud, that your personality will dictate what you look for in your food. For example, if you like spicy foods then you tend to be a risk-taker and like the adrenaline rush that comes with it, whereas people who prefer a lot of protein in their meal are often more sociable or outgoing. Food can be such an emotive thing – the taste, texture, smell – and we often prefer certain foods because of an underlying personality trait.”

The report, released to mark the launch of Pizza Express’ Autumn Menu, also revealed some famous pizza orders.  From Prince Harry’s favourite – spicy pepperoni – a choice which sees him aligned with the likes of Katy Perry, and sees him described as ‘extrovert, but easily bored’! … to Spencer Matthews’ choice – veggie. (Apparently making him self-absorbed, dramatic and flirtatious!  Maybe there is something to it?!)

Screen Shot 2014-11-07 at 23.12.52

So how do the ‘pizza personalities’ match up?

Chicken fans, whose personalities are apparently competitive, driven and assertive, are apparently well-matched with a principled and intelligent partner, who would most likely choose prawns or salmon as a topping. Whereas fans of vegetable topped pizzas are self-absorbed, and so un-surprisingly suited to people just like themselves.  So according to Dr Hirsch, Andy Murray and Carol Vorderman would be great together, and Lauren Goodger and Spencer Matthews could be the next Z list celebrity couple.

All very well … but that doesn’t tell me what I need to eat to bag Prince Harry! 😉

Miss Twenty-Nine xxx

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