#UKDA Winner’s Interview – Best Newcomer App

Newcomer App

Apps have been big business in the dating world this year, and the question on everyone’s lips has been “What will be the next big thing?”.  The French app Happn has had some great PR over here in recent months, though I know a number of people who have found it quite glitchy, and in need of some improvements.  So it was particularly refreshing to see a new contender enter the sphere.

Trueview were awarded Best Newcomer App at this year’s Awards.  Here to explain more is Co-Founder Andrew Ibbotson –

IMG_0919 copy

How does it feel to win the Award?

It was a great evening and we are obviously very proud to have won the ‘Best Newcomer App’ award. We were amongst great company and were thrilled when our name was called out. 
Why do you think you won your category?
We’ve thought hard about this question and feel its down to the brand values we have in comparison to other companies. 
Who did you see as your toughest competition?
The dating landscape is a very tough place to exist. Big brands like Match.com through to established and fast-growing startups like Happn.
What was the highlight of your evening at the Award Show?
Obviously winning the award, but then chatting to all the other companies in the room.  The Awards were a great – a well run evening. 
What will you do with your Award?
It’s on our awards shelf, which is filling up quite nicely.
Why did you decide to get involved with the very first year of the Awards?
We’re keen to become an established provider of a quality service and feel being associated with brands and associations, like the UK Dating Awards, will give us the recognition needed to become a key player.
Have you done anything particularly big in 2014?
We’ve built two new apps, grown considerably, raised funding, built a 3000sqft co-working space, grown from 3 to 13… stayed alive.
What are the key values which underpin your brand?
TrueView is honest and real and gives users the ability to create real conversations through the things they love to do. By surfacing recommendations based on affinity we are creating an environment that leads to more meaningful connections, better interactions and a better offline experience.
What are your plans for 2015?
We’re keen to proceed in the same vain and grow in the UK and then plan to launch in the US.

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