Show Me The Money! – The Cost of Dating in 2014

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We all know dating can be expensive. Paid dating sites regularly cost as much as £40 a month to join, dating events range from £10 to £60 a night, and then there’s the even more expensive bespoke search methods, like matchmakers, or dating coaches.  Even if you’re using free sites or apps to date, the cost of going dates can certainly add up.  However 2015 sees a whole different era of dating costs … some more weird than others!

Tinder Plus

Back in 2013, Tinder changed the online dating world for several reasons.  Two of the most powerful ways it affected the dating world were through both free and simple to use.  However, right from the start there have been certain features people have been asking for.  Features which they will happily pay for.  The main one is the ability to rewind when you accidentally get rid of someone you like.  We’ve all been there, flicking ‘No’ to dates so quickly, that you’re barely looking at the photos any more.  By the time you register that you’ve just seen a hottie, you’ve already ‘Swiped Left’ to them.

Later this year, Tinder will be launching Tinder Plus – an advance, paid version of the app.  For a monthly fee, next time you accidentally Swipe Left, you’ll be able to turn back time.  The app will also allow users to search for singles in other cities – designed for those who are planning travel and want to arrange dates in advance.

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Date for Change

And you thought the dating industry had no heart!  This American online dating site donates money to your chosen charity, every time you reply to a message from someone!  Not only does it encourage you to chat to more people online, but it also benefits a good cause in the process!


Carrot Dating

Unfortunately not all new dating websites have charity in mind!  I have to admit, when I heard about this site, I thought it was a site for ginger people!  Nope … the ‘carrot’ in question is a bribe.  Obviously the idea of buying your dates presents is nothing new … though I (thankfully!) struggle to remember a first date where anyone ever brought me a present!  However this isn’t a case of buying someone you’ve already arranged a date with a surprise.  This is buying someone the present SO that they agree to go on a date with you.  Am I the only one mentally drawing a parrallel with prostitution?!

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The Crowdfunding Hipster

Which brings me to the dating story of the week … One, I have to admit, I didn’t want to spend too much time on, as he’s already benefited from a crazy amount of unnecessary press.  Call me a cynic, but I can’t help but think the story of Tom Packer, the single bearded hipster, using crowdfunding Indiegogo, to get people to fund his ’13 dates’ is a bit of a publicity stunt … though quite what for, I’m not sure.  His poems? A social experiment?

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For anyone yet to see the story, Tom launched a crowdfunding pitch, which offered everything from an emailed Thank You, to signed photos of himself, to a trip to Paris (paid for by you!) for people who donated to his cause to find true love.  There were various interesting parts of the appeal – including his decision that 13 dates would find him true love (hahaha if only he knew …) and the fact he needed £100 a date (clearly never heard of a good old fashioned picnic!)

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Apparently dating in 2015 is so expensive that people are resorting to asking other people to fund them!  (Though I guess in part, it’s something us girls tend to do without crowdfunding!)  There is a valid story in dating being more expensive for men than women in the early stages, but seriously … if this wasn’t a stunt, and was genuine … what has the online world come to?!

Miss Twenty-Nine xxx

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  1. Tinder Plus is already out; pricey.

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