London Date Idea – The Cadogan Arms, Chelsea

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This year on the blog (or at least while things continue with the Rugby Boy!) I’m be changing the way I review date ideas. Going forward, both the Rugby Boy and l will be covering the date ideas, so you get both a girl and a guy’s perspective on each venue.

The first location to get both of our opinions is the Cadogan Arms on the King’s Road. The Rugby Boy and I went to the pub for cocktails on our third date.

She Says …

I love this pub. This was my choice of date venue. Having eaten at the Cadogan a few weeks beforehand, I had noticed the new cocktail menu and was keen to return. Both the Rugby Boy and I had dinner plans in central London, and as I had noticed they do 2-4-1 cocktails on Wednesday nights, it seemed a

I loved the cocktail menu. The barman has experimented with all kinds of flavours, to create some incredible looking and tasting cocktails.

The Clover Shrub was a particular favourite of mine – blended with raspberry and rhubarb shrub, it smells like it should be vinegar-tasting, and yet the sweet taste is incredible. I also loved the look of the lemon meringue martini – the aloe vera foam made the martini genuinely look like a lemon meringue pie.

Find a couch by the door, or better still – go for dinner before the cocktails. But don’t eat a big lunch – you’ll want to leave room for three courses!


He Says …


Nice pub. Inventive and original cocktails. They clearly don’t rest on their laurels, considering their reputation and location. My favourite was the lemon meringue martini – the texture of the aloe vera foam was amazing.

Advice for guys taking dates to the Cadogan – don’t be afraid to try the cocktail list. Don’t be boring and stick to beer, you’ll miss out.

It’s a good first date pub – the bar area is a nice open space. You could quite easily move on to dinner or another pub afterwards, but the cocktails are stand alone enough that if you only end up going for one or two, it’s not a wasted night.


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