General Election Tinder!


An everyday reality of writing a blog in 2015 is the regular stream of press releases I get emailed.  On a daily basis I get press releases about everything from vibrators to pizzas.  However today was a first for me … Today I actually requested a press release from a company!

Because I spotted this on Twitter … and thought it was hilarious!


In order to plug their General Election betting, and mark 100 days before election day, Betfair staged a rather fun test to predict who will get the young adult vote.

Using pictures of the four major party leaders at age 26, they created fake Tinder profiles for David Cameron, Nigel Farage, Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg.  They then swiped right to 100 profiles a day, from each politician’s Tinder account.  After five days, they compared results, and crowned their ‘winner’.


Prime Minister David Cameron, whose bio reads that he “prefer[s] watching TV rather than being on it”, secured 257 matches whilst his Coalition buddy Nick Clegg who is “currently in a difficult relationship on the verge of break up” obtained 172 matches. Ed Miliband, a “lover of bacon sandwiches”, amassed an impressive 223 matches whilst the Tinder-sphere offered up a mere 112 matches for UKIP’s “Nige” Farage, possibly down to the fact he “doesn’t like European food”.




Miss Twenty-Nine xxx

1 Comment on General Election Tinder!

  1. Proof positive that the problem with political jokes is that they get elected.

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