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February is the month when love and relationships come into focus, regardless of your relationship status.  As part of their annual dating and relationships curriculum, the London-based School of Life have teamed up with Haagen Dazs to answer key questions about dating and relationships during the School of Life dating week.

The week will kick off on Saturday, with a full day course on Dating Better, led by dating expert Susan Qulliam, who I interviewed last week.

Sat 07 Dating Better 10am
Mon 09 How to Communicate Better in Love 6.40pm
Wed 11 How To Make Love Last 6.40pm
Wed 11 How Necessary Is A Relationship 2pm
Thu 12 How to Move On From a Relationship 2pm



As part of the project, Haagen-Dazs ran a study on affection on social media, and the way the ‘PDA’ has changed.

One in three people surveyed (32%) are more likely to show Social Media Affection than Public Displays of Affection nowadays, although the first ‘I love you’ declaration is still face-to-face (72%)

It’s an interesting one – I personally hate SMAs … I think it’s a lot more for show than a PDA.  PDAs have always been rather cringe, but to be honest, most of the time they happen when we get caught up in the moment.  Unless you happen to be a particularly tactile person, most PDAs are as a result of you forgetting the rest of the world is there.  By contrast SMAs are purely because the world is there.  People want to shout about their relationships, and as I’ve commented before on 30 Dates, I think most of the time, when people are shouting about something … it’s actually because they want people to think life is better than it really is.

One in five believe a relationship based on social media is as meaningful as a face-to-face one

I completely agree with the 80% of people in the survey above who say a relationship based on social media ISN’T as meaningful as a face-to-face one.  Unfortunately, in the world of dating that means that you can’t get too excited before you meet someone in real life.  Even if you feel like you have a connection over social media, you won’t know how real that connection is until you’re face-to-face.

One in 10 would choose phone over partner for company on Valentines night, with almost half of couples admitting to checking phones when alone with each other

Last week the Rugby Boy and I went for dinner.  Sitting in the centre of the restaurant, we could see almost every other table, and as we looked around us, at least one in every two couples around us were on their phones.  Whilst we live in an age of social media and constant connection with the internet, people definitely need to make time for their partner …. and exclusively their partner!  One of the nice things about starting to date a guy who doesn’t use social media is that it’s made me more aware of how much unnecessary time I spend on my phone, and made me reassess my priorities a bit!

Geoff Dyer Audience

An awkward silence becoming a comfortable one is the true sign of real relationship for one in three

I agree with the minority on this one.  And not just for romantic relationships.  Think about how many people in your life you can sit comfortably in silence with.  It’s definitely an indicator of your proximity to that person.  It’s hard to have an awkward silence with someone who knows you well.

Only 4% believe physical attraction is important in a real relationship

Oooh … this is very controversial.  I have to say that I think physical attraction is important in a relationship …. because what distinguishes a relationship from a friendship is sex.  And in order to have a good sexual relationship with someone, you need to be attracted to him or her.  I’m really surprised only 4% of the people surveyed agree??? Yes, physical attraction can develop once you know someone better, which is why people say Tinder is superficial, but when it comes down to it, most relationships begin because of mutual physical attraction … that’s why dating profiles include lots of photos???

What do you think?

Miss Twenty-Nine xxx


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