Five Valentine’s Ideas for Not-So-Singles

Here at 30 Dates, I’m more than aware that it’s not only singletons coming to the blog for Date Ideas, and so, in light of the fast approaching V-Day, here are five Valentine’s ideas for anyone leaving things to the last minute!

Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 23.05.30

1) Spooning Spoons!

I am a massive sucker when it comes to spooning!  I’m also a bit of a geek when it comes to cheesy gifts, and so these personalised spoons are spot on, where I’m concerned!  I’ll even let you in on a secret (because The Rugby Boy doesn’t do social media!) … RB and I have agreed a £10 maximum on Valentine’s presents, because we did a late Christmas a few weeks ago, once I was back from Australia.  And so, as these bad boys are only £5.50 each (plus post & packaging), I’ve ordered him one.  I’ll let you know if he appreciates cheesy gifts as much as I do!

Want something personalised, but not a fan of the spooning spoons?  Check out Not on The High Street or for more ideas.


2) A Valentine’s Card with a Difference

I have to say, maybe it’s just because it’s the first Valentine’s Day in a while that I’ve actually been looking for a card, or maybe 2015 is genuinely a good year for V-Day cards, but there are lots of really fun cards available.  If you leave things last minute I would genuinely recommend Sainsbury’s, oddly enough!  However, if you have got time for a bit of forward planning, log on to Etsy and arrange a personalised card, on next day delivery.  Or check out new independent card shop Grey Letter Press, who made the card above, and the rather amusing one below 🙂


3) Dinner with a View

If you’re London based and looking for a dinner suggestion this Saturday night, check out Gillray’s Steakhouse & Bar at the Marriott County Hall.  Perched just along the South Bank, a stone’s throw from the London Eye, the views of London are incredible and the atmosphere is lovely.  Considering it’s in the centre of one of the capital’s busiest areas, the grand, spacious venue has an incredibly relaxed and exclusive feel.  And what’s more, they have a special Valentine’s menu.  The grand, private members club-feel bar has a live jazz piano singer, doing her own take of recent hits, while you and your date sip on His and Her’s (or His and His/ Her’s and Her’s) cocktails.  All of this week, there’s also a shared steak option, with various different cuts of steak available to share, and the opportunity to grab dessert in the London Eye afterwards.  The Rugby Boy and I ate there ahead of the Valentine’s Week rush, and for once I’ll leave the food review to him, as he declared his dinner as “the best steak I’ve had, this side of Argentina.”


 4) The Promise of Fine Dining

Valentine’s Night can get rather crazy, particularly in the most popular restaurants, so if you’d still like to splash out on dinner, but would rather avoid the rush, why not give your loved one an exciting promise in the form of a voucher?  Virgin Experience Days have various romantic dinner ideas available, including an Ultimate Dining Experience at one of Marco Pierre White’s steakhouses.  There’s also the opportunity to combine dinner with a romantic cruise of the Thames.

Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 12.46.36



5) 50 Shades of Your Own Fun

Thanks to the timely release of the 50 Shades film, this Valentine’s Day has inevitably become all about bedroom behaviour.  One of the most fun, free promotions I’ve seen brands doing is Durex’s #50GamestoPlay feature.  Last week they posted out 10 sex game ideas a day to Durex subscribers, and all 50 kinky game ideas are now live on the condom brand’s website, for everyone to see … and try!



Miss Twenty-Nine xxx

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