First Date Deadlines … How Long Would You Wait?

Something I’m often asked, is whether there are any set rules you can follow when it comes to dating.  How long should you wait before texting someone?  How quickly should you reply to a text message?  Should your text message be a certain length?  Does certain behaviour look too keen?

Personally, I’m not a big fan of rules.  I get that sometimes we lose our heads, when it comes to dating, and it can be easier to control yourself, when you follow a specific set of instructions.  But … in all honesty, any man or woman worth his or her salt won’t judge you for communicating like a normal person!

However, should you want some guidelines for how long to wait … or rather, how long is too long … the company Interparcel ran a survey of over 2,000 Brits, to work out just how patient we are as a nation.  Or rather … how impatient!  I’ve highlighted the dating-related answers!


Waiting for a video to buffer – 16 seconds

Phoning a utility or large company – 8 minutes

Queuing for train tickets – 9 minutes

Being kept on hold for doctors – 9 minutes

Putting up with a screaming child in a restaurant – 10 minutes

Sitting still in traffic – 13 minutes

Waiting for a bus – 13 minutes

Buying music tickets online – 17 minutes

Date running late – 17 minutes

Friend to text back – 18 hours

Hearing from someone after a date – 2 days

Waiting for a parcel to be delivered – 4.5 days

Working without a pay rise – 1 ¾ years


My tips?  If you have a great date, let them know within 24 hours.  If you don’t see it going anywhere and don’t want to meet again, let them down gently within 48 hours.  Most dates are more forgiving than running 17 minutes late, just make sure you let them know you’re running late.  And if you’re dithering over how long to wait before replying to a message – apply the same polite logic that you would to replying to a friend.  If you have to play hard to get, in order to get someone’s attention … they don’t like you enough in the first place.

Miss Twenty-Nine xxx

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