How Much?! Totting Up the Bill On Famous First Dates!


Ever watched a Hollywood movie and thought ‘that would never have happened in real life?!’  Of course you have …

Apparently fairytale romance comes with a price, as when it comes to love and movies, first dates often prove costly.  American food brand Shari’s Berries have done some fun research this week – working out exactly how much was spent on dates in a whole range of films, as well as whether the couple found true love in the end or not!

Harry met Sally

The quintessential dating film of our youth … And a realistic date setting! (Though that’s still well over £10 a sandwich … it must have been some deli!)

Pretty Woman

Not exactly your average date … but then we should probably remember the way this couple first met … Apparently when you’re a prostitute, love comes with a particularly high price!

50 first dates

When I first saw this movie listed, I couldn’t help wondering if they’d charged the poor guy 50 times!  Apparently not … only the first 7 dates actually counted as first dates!


THE film to watch when I was at university.  Ron may have woo’ed Veronica … but then came Anchorman.  Maybe they should have done the infographic for Brick and lamp?

Sarah Marshall

I’m not gonna lie – I was looking more at a naked Jason Segel than the bill in this movie …

Fault in Our Stars


LOVING the inclusion of Hazel Grace’s ventilator in the cartoon!  So technically the one week stay was paid for by a charity for dying children, and the dinner was paid for by the miserable Dutch writer … but not a bad bill to wrack up on a date in your teens!

For more first date checks, check out the full article here.  I’ll try to do a similar London-based movie one soon 🙂

Miss Twenty-Nine xxx



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