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Of all the new apps launching in 2015, I have to admit Spark is the one which has excited me the most.

Last year, when Happn first launched, I loved the serendipity concept.  The idea that you might walk down the street, and catch someone’s eye … only to check your app later, and realise they were also single and into you.  However, unfortunately the user experience of Happn didn’t live up to the hype.  My app only ever seemed to work when I was in bed at night, and it would then show me all the single men sleeping with a 500m of my flat … and ‘match’ us outside my door.  Not great!

Plus, because of the need for a wifi or 3G connection, if you spotted a fittie on the Tube, you knew you’d never be able to find him on Happn, because the app wouldn’t work underground.


Enter Spark …

The concept is super simple.  You spot someone you like, but are too shy to approach.  Instead, you send them a Spark on the app.  The Spark doesn’t deliver until you’re no longer in the same space, and then he or she has just 24 hours to start a chat with you or not.  No awkward moments.  Passive rejection.  And the best bit … it works on the Tube!  The app uses Bluetooth, so it will work anywhere.  Which means Rush Hour Crush no longer has to be something you search out in the morning paper.

I love the concept.  I love the simplicity.  And I LOVE the image of the couple standing on the Tube platform.


The app is available to download now …. but there is currently a daily countdown until Sunday, when you can actually start to send Sparks!

Be careful though, you only get one free Spark a day, so use it wisely!

Miss Twenty-Nine xxx

1 Comment on New Dating App – Spark

  1. I love the concept that they only let you send one Spark per day. I’m happy to see that dating apps are combating the annoying habit of just “liking” (or sparking, or swiping right, etc.) everyone on the app just so you can see who’s interested.

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