Shagging Like Rabbits! – The World’s Greatest Lovers!


The Magic Number!  It’s a dangerous question to ask when you enter a new relationship …

According to the movie American Pie, it’s a number women divide by three, and men multiply by three.  Too few and apparently you look frigid … too many and you look easy.  Most men I know round up to at least the nearest ten.  Most women I know, can not only give the number, but the name of every partner!

Good luck trying to do that if you’re the now infamous ‘Fokkens Twins’ – Holland’s oldest prostitutes.  With over 117,500 sexual partners between them, the twins top the charts amongst esteemed company, in a list of the ‘World’s Greatest Lovers’ (or at least the most sexually active!) recently compliled by dating site ‘Love Begins At’.

And yes … even when you divide the men’s scores by three, they’re still insane numbers!

Though quite where they found all these mystery women, I’m not sure.  I don’t know about you, but looking through the list, I didn’t spot a single one who I would …


Miss Twenty-Nine xxx

Love Begins At

Sexual Partners


2 Comments on Shagging Like Rabbits! – The World’s Greatest Lovers!

  1. Ever heard the expression “fame whore”?

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