Around the World in 80 Lays


Tinder tourism – the idea of using the dating app to pull whilst on holiday is nothing new.  In fact one of the new features of Tinder Plus is the ability to set your search for foreign cities, so that you don’t have to start your holiday fling hunt when you touch down in another country.

However British backpacker Daniel Beaumont took things one step further, when he was invited to a wedding in British Columbia, Canada.


Having decided on doing a road trip across America, after to the wedding, Beaumont, who is 24 and from Cumbria, came up with a novel way to cut down his travel cost.    He would use Tinder to get ‘rides’ … car rides!  He changed his status on the dating app to say “Nomadic traveler of 2 years from Britain. Currently hitchhiking 7,500 miles across North America.  Trying to get by through the generosity of wonderful people. Need to reach New York City by early November. Can you help me get there?”

Thanks to the app Daniel secured 32 ‘hitch hike dates’, taking him all the way from Vancouver to New York.  He also managed to keep costs to a minimum by using couch surfing and gumtree to get free accommodation …

So maybe the Beatles were right … all you need is love, after all! (Or a smart phone, and data roaming!)


3 Comments on Around the World in 80 Lays

  1. You don’t need Tinder plus – just install a fake GPS app on your phone, there are plenty

  2. How funny! Did he blog about it?

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