Dating Around the World – Same Date, Different City, WAY Different Price

Another day, another PR infographic.  But I rather like this one!  Currency Fair – the online peer-to-peer currency exchange market have done their research, and found out how much an identical date would cost in various cities around the world.

London Dating

It should come as no surprise to discover that London is one of the most expensive places in the world – in fact, when it came to costing up a meal for two, with one drink each, followed by a trip to the cinema and a taxi home, the date was only more expensive in two other cities – New York and Geneva.

New York

The evening out in London came to £116.41, but if you think that’s expensive, the same date cost £169.99 in Geneva.

Geneva Dating

That’s over double the cost of the same date in Rome (£82.82) and Madrid (£71.40).

Rome Dating

Madrid Dating

Check out all the illustrations for a break down of the date costs, and some other date ideas in all the cities studied.

Sydney Dating

Paris Dating

Singapore Dating


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