10 Keywords to Hack Online Dating

Online Dating

Everyone wants to know how to create the perfect online dating profile, and now dating site ‘On Mutual Terms‘ think they’ve hacked it.  The guys behind the dating site looked at over 7,000 profiles to decide which words reappeared in the most successful dating profiles.

Here are the top 5 for men and women –


Top Keywords for Men’s Online Dating Profiles

  • Career
  • Dog
  • Funny
  • Successful
  • Adventure


Top Keywords for Women’s Online Dating Profiles

  • Sophisticated
  • Spontaneous
  • Ambitious
  • Yoga
  • Girl-next-door

It might be worth noting the site is a specialist ‘sugar daddy’ and ‘sugar mommy’ site … so that might give you some idea who would be attracted to your profile, should you decide to incorporate some of those words!

Miss Twenty-Nine xxx

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