Dating News – New Dating App Helps Choose Your Best Profile Photos


Not sure which photos work best online?  Don’t trust your own judgment, or worried your friends are being too honest?  There’s now a special dating app designed to help you choose, with no bias.  SnapBu allows you to upload a series of options, and let anonymous strangers help you pick the best ones.  Other users will rate your photos and also give you feedback.  The app then calculates the results to determine the best photo, as voted by your peers.

SnapBu is the brainchild of Londoners Richard Tolley, Alex Jefferies and Calvin Lau.

“A lot of my friends wanted opinions of their dating profiles, but were embarrassed to ask each other unless they were feeling tired and emotional,” says Richard, 26. “Pretty much everyone single is on a dating app these days, I reckon its a pretty common problem.”


“People notoriously have a skewed perception as to when they look good,” says Alex, 21. “ And so we thought this might help.”

“The way you present yourself online is so important and yet honest feedback is so hard to come by,” says Calvin, 30. “We’re hoping that bringing people together around this will be something useful for everyone.”

Snapbu launched earlier this month.


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