Online Dating – A Photo Shoot with Saturday Night’s Alright

Dating Expert Charly Lester reviews Dating Photographer Saskia Nelson


The thing about online dating, and the whole dating industry, is that there are a lot of companies and individuals out there wanting to take your money.  Dating has become a business, and when it comes to matters of the heart, we will part with big sums of money in the hunt for happiness.


Why am I reminding you of that? Because in my dealings with the dating industry, there are some really great, honest, talented people – genuinely out there to help you.  And some less honourable, and less experienced sorts.  Last year I set up the UK Dating Awards, in an attempt to draw attention to the right people in the industry, and one of those people was Saskia Nelson – the winner of Best Newcomer Individual.

Saskia Nelson

Saskia is a dating photographer – and her company Saturday Night’s Alright is the only company in the UK which specialises in dating profile photographs.  Yep, that’s pretty much all Saskia does!  Having found love online herself, and seen the difference a good online dating photo can make, Saskia set up SNA, and the rest is history.


So why do I recommend you use Saskia?

Two reasons …

1) Your online dating photos are really important

Sorry guys, I know we all like to think we’re not superficial, but in reality, your profile photo is the most important part of your dating profile.  Without a good thumbnail, people won’t even check out your profile.


2) A photo shoot is for YOU

One of the most important things to get right in dating, is to love yourself.  Self confidence is attractive.  It’s magnetic.  And if you’re low in self-esteem, then a photo shoot can genuinely be a real confidence boost.  The great thing about Saskia is that she deals with shy people, who hate having their photo taken, ALL the time.  And she makes them look gorgeous.  The minute you meet Saskia, it’s impossible not to warm to her.  She literally makes you feel like a star throughout the photo shoot.  It genuinely is a really fun, enjoyable experience … and it will whizz by.


If you’re worried about not being photogenic, or not being ‘stereotypically’ attractive … don’t be.  I’m a 5’8” size 12 girl, with boobs and a bum, lumps and bumps, and a cheesy grin which my friends named me ‘Wallace’ at school because of … And yet every time Saskia’s taken my photo, I’ve loved the shots, and felt genuinely happier in myself because of the experience.


Also, Saturday Night’s Alright are now offering make-up by make-up artist Naomi Selig.  So you can feel extra pampered by starting the whole experience off with someone else making you look pretty!


Even if you don’t feel ready to date online, I would recommend having Saskia take your photos.  It’s a really fun, empowering experience … and trust me, if you end up having your pics taken in Shoreditch, like I did on this shoot, you will get such a confidence boost!  Passers by are so intrigued by what’s going on, that’s it’s almost impossible not to get positive feedback, right there and then!


You choose your oufits, and you choose your London location, or if you’d prefer, Saskia will choose somewhere to suit.  Before the shoot, Saskia sends you an email with some questions, so she can get to know you better, and the whole experience is just very relaxed and informal.  If you want more details about the packages, and the process, check out my blog post from the last time Saskia took my pictures, or go to the Saturday Night’s Alright website.  And let me know how you get on, if you get your pictures taken!  I know a lot of 30 Dates readers have already used Saturday Night’s Alright and loved it, so keep me posted on Twitter about you get on!

Charly xxx



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