Sex and New York City!

Dating Expert Charly Lester heads to New York City to explore Sex in the City.


Following on from my post about dating events in New York I also investigated the Sex Advice scene during my trip to New York.

shutterstock_56040232First stop –

Babeland – Beyond the Blowjob

Babeland is a chain of sex toy shops around the city, as well as running a highly successful online shopping arm.  The shops run regular workshops, including their popular ‘Beyond the Blowjob’ class.  I have to admit, I arrived at Babeland 45 minutes late (the subway to Brooklyn is WAY harder to navigate than the Tube)!  I missed the welcome wine, and the section on sexual communication, and walked through the door, just in time to see the bubbly course presenter tonguing the frenulum!

I took my place amongst twenty or so other women, expecting the whole class to be about blowjobs.  However, as the title suggests, blowjobs was only the beginning.  The two hour class covered everything from anal rimming to nipple clamps.  There were lots of opportunities for questions, and the presenter showed corresponding sex toys, aids and other products throughout – going into particular detail about the different types of lube and butt plugs available.


Because the class covered so much, I have to admit quite a lot was a bit rushed. It would have benefited for there to be a screen with key words and pointers on, as well as some diagrams, as not everything was obvious when simply demonstrated on a plastic dildo.

The class had a comfortable, relaxed feel.  The presenter was approachable, and told her own stories to illustrate and assist discussion.  The class were full of questions, and despite the odd awkward giggle, people didn’t hold back asking questions.

I have to admit, I didn’t feel like I learned a great deal.  I would say the class is better tailored to those who are lack confidence in bed.  I had expected to come away with new, advanced blow job techniques, but didn’t feel I had heard anything particularly new.  It is also worth remembering that the class is run by a sex toy shop, so they are trying to sell you stuff.  That said, attendees get 10% off everything in the shop at the end of the night.


Sex Tips for Straight Women from a Gay Guy

Technically Sex Tips is a play.  Will actually, technically Sex Tips is a book.  And currently off Broadway, the Sex Tips book has been turned into a Play.  But to be honest Sex Tips was so much more than a play.

Put simply – it’s bloody hilarious!

If you want a girls night out in New York, this is the off-Broadway show to go to.  With just a cast of three, and spanning an hour and a half, the play is a neat mix of humour, entertainment and advice.  You’ll learn hand job techniques, and massage ideas, all whilst crying with laughter.


One of the things I realised about dating in the States, is how popular comedy shows are, particularly when they manage to combine humour and advice.  And this was a really clever blend of the two.  Oh yeah, and there’s even a bit of male stripping!

My only regret about the evening? That the muscular stripper didn’t pose with me and NYC dating expert Charreah Jackson on the red carpet after the show!


Miss Twenty-Nine xxx






































































































































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