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Prove Your Heart 2

They say there are dating sites for everything these days.  People who work with dead bodies.  People who believe in ghosts and UFOs.  And those are just two of the types of sites I’ve read about this week!

But this latest site is slightly different … and dare I say it rather contrived.

PYH Rules

Apparently if you secretly fancy someone, you donate money to charity.  The website emails the person you fancy.  They can then donate a ‘non-trivial’ amount to a charity too, and if they donate an amount you deem reasonable, and then say they also fancy you, the website lets you both know.

Erm … is this designed for 12 year-olds?!

Prove Your Heart

Sorry, but I’m not sold!  I certainly don’t determine a man’s worth on how much he gives to charity, when instructed to by a website he’s probably never heard of.  In a world of scammers, this all just seems too contrived and dodgy.  Yes, I’m sure they have very honorable motives, but personally I’ll be keeping my love-life and charitable donations separate!

Miss Twenty-Nine xxx


2 Comments on New Dating Site – Prove Your Heart

  1. Thanks for (not so kind) feedback. Joking aside, I appreciate your comments. I wholeheartedly agree with you no one’s feelings should be measured in monetary terms and this is not the intent. Furthermore? we are planning to add other ways one can substantiate their interest that are non monetary – eg proof of community service. Charitable giving was just the simplest way of creating a way for people to show they are serious about someone in a self-calibrating way that reflects the fact that a 100 bucks to a wall st exec who has a crush on a colleague is nothing vs what that amount means for a poor undergrad. No it’s not for 12 year olds. It’s for situations where one is reluctant to make their feelings known but would do so if there was a way to ensure the other truly feels the same way. Eg situations involving co-workers (risk of HR issues etc), gay people who may not have come out yet, people who are married but not happily so, as well as thousands of socially
    challenged/introverted folks out there.
    Regarding “never heard of” fair enough. However, we don’t touch the payment, it is bandled by which is well known, reputable and along with its parent FrontStream are the backbone of a lot of charitable giving venues.

  2. Thanks for your comment – I’ve approved it so readers can see your reply and make up their mind for themselves. Cheers Charly

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