Online Dating News – 2015, The Year of Intuitive Dating Ads

Dating Industry News

Dating can be a touchy subject.  It’s such a vulnerable part of our lives, and when you’re single, it can often feel like non-singles don’t understand how it feels.  And so often, marketing campaigns related to dating can go terribly wrong!

And so I have to say, it’s been really refreshing so far this year, to see spot-on marketing campaigns from two of online dating’s biggest dating sites.


First there is’s ‘Love Your Imperfections’ campaign.  Frankly, I LOVE this.  Because dating isn’t about changing yourself to attract others.  It’s about finding people who are attracted to you, for you.  The ad campaign has been really clever in several ways.


On social media, they’ve encouraged us to declare our imperfections, and then sent people mugs with their twitter handle and imperfection printed on.  In Tube stations, they have cleverly linked common imperfections to new dating events (like bad dancing, and an inability to cook). Mugs

Copyright – Twitter


And then there are the memorable TV ads, thanks to the funny premise, the appealing imperfections idea, and the super catchy theme music!


Another current ad campaign I really like is the eHarmony one.  Bearing in mind that eHarmony distinguishes itself from other dating sites by asking you to complete a lengthy questionnaire when you sign up.  They then ONLY show you other members who they consider to be compatible with you.

Therefore the recent eHarmony campaign, which shows daters with ‘matches’ based on age and occupation is very apt, and amusing.

A man is matched with a camel …

… and then a woman is matched with a hairdryer (because they are both the same age and work in the fashion industry!).

eHarmony ad

Later this year, as part of the UK Dating Awards 2015, there will be a public vote for the Best Dating Marketing Campaign of 2015 – it will certainly be interesting to see how these guys fare, and also what other companies come up with, in what is turning out to be a really good year for dating ads already!


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