London Date Ideas – SixtyOne, B & H Buildings & The Schoolhouse

Restaurant and Bar Suggestions for Dates in London

Last week was a busy one at 30 Dates HQ!  I went on two double dates, checked out the Generation of Z live zombie event in Shoreditch, and also managed to fit in a trip to the Inner Circle’s pop-up nights at L’Escargot.  But that’s all good news for you guys, as it means I have heaps of new ideas for date venues in London!

Sixtyone octopus carpaccio

SixtyOne, Marble Arch

Tucked away in Marble Arch is SixtyOne, the brainchild of chefs Arnaud Stevens and Killian Lynch.  The restaurant area is simple yet elegant, and every course is meticulously served.  I can, hands down, say that everything I ate was delicious and really imaginative.  Even the bread is inventive, with bread rolls baked like ears of corn, and an inventive Marmite-flavoured slice in the bread basket.  I opted for the octopus carpaccio (above) to start, and it was one of the most beautiful starters I’ve ever seen – it literally looked too good to eat!

The only draw back was that the large restaurant was rather quiet on a Thursday evening, so I would advise against a first date there, as the quiet may be quite intimidating.  But definitely worth a visit when you’re on a date where you want to impress.

B & H Buildings external

Bourne & Hollingsworth Buildings, Clerkenwell

On Wednesday night, one of my very best friends brought her fiancé up to London for the evening, to meet the Rugby Boy.  Our double date kicked off at Hint Hunt, which as you’ll know is one of my favourite date activities in London.  And then we jumped in an Uber to head over to B&H Buildings.  As the cab pulled onto a really quiet road, we exchanged querying glances, only for the beautiful building to appear on the corner.

We were to be eating dinner in the greenhouse at the back of the prohibition style bar, and neither the food, nor the cocktails disappointed.  Between us we tested out the Burnt Butter Old Fashioned, Applegrass, Cider Rose and Rum and Plum and they were all great.  The bar has a really relaxed, friendly atmosphere, but is quirky enough to feel like a special experience.  In the ladies loos, there’s no sinks – just a huge old fashioned bath tub, with bath racks full of rolled hand towels.

Go for a first date, start with cocktails, knowing dinner is an option if the date is going well.

B & H Buildings bar

The Schoolhouse, Battersea

Having seen how successful the first Time Out blind date was at The Schoolhouse a few weeks ago, I decided to try out the restaurant, on a double date with The Rugby Boy, and the couple who set us up on our blind date last October.


The Schoolhouse is, as the name suggests, school themed – with cocktails served in science beakers, stationary decorating the tables, and bar stools replaced with science lab stools.  The atmosphere was relaxed and friendly – food options include burgers, a variety of salads, and mac and cheese.  My only complaint would be the price of soft drinks – the Rugby Boy was rather amusingly still hungover from a staff night out the night before, and his two large Cokes came to £10 at the end of the night!

The burgers seemed to be their signature dish, and came served on school dinner platters.  Make sure you add starters – the sweet potato fries and bacon mac and cheese were really good.

Bacon Burger (3)

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