Sex Tip – Massage Candles

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I’ve always loved a good massage, and will happily give as good as I get!  However, I’ve never really been one to invest in massage oils.  And the idea of hot wax and naked skin just seems a big no-no.

However, last month when I was at Babeland, at the ‘Beyond the Blowjob‘ masterclass, one of the items which was passed around the crowd was a massage candle.  The scented candles work like normal candles, but the wax – which is a mixture of lots of good stuff, including avocado oil and vitamin e, doesn’t heat to the same temperature as a standard candle.  It simply melts into a massage oil, which, once you’re brave enough to tip it on to the skin, works really well.


I bought a honey almond candle after the class, and it genuinely smells really nice.  As a dating blogger, I get sent A LOT of sex toy samples, and I have to say this is one of the best products I’ve come across (and one I actually chose and paid for myself!).  The smell is relaxing and homely.  Despite the flame, the wax isn’t hot at all, so it’s not scary, and it just makes for a really affectionate, intimate addition to the bedroom.

The Babeland candles come in 3 different scents, and include a brush.  Small candles are $6, and larger ones $16.  All are available to buy on the Babeland website.

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