Dating App News – A New Partnership as Tinder Meets Instagram

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Tinder & Instagram

I’m not going to lie, ever since ‘age-gate’ (when Tinder made it infinitely more expensive for anyone over 28 to use the paid features on their app) a few months ago, I’ve found it difficult to view any Tinder news without cynicism!

The launch of Tinder Plus was a PR disaster, with singles all over the world deleting the app, and sharing their rage on the iTunes store!

And so I can’t help but feel, every time I see the app mentioned in the press again, that they are desperately trying to redeem their reputation at all cost!

Enter the coalition with Instagram.

Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 11.09.42

In theory a nice idea.  And by no means a new one – a number of the newest dating sites and apps allow you to apply filters to profile photos.

However, take a step back and have a think about this.

1) What are you using the app for?

To meet people.  To meet people who are attracted to you.  Attracted to YOU!  Not to a carefully tinted photo, taken at an angle on your face that is only physically possible if the other person is 7 foot tall!

As you will know, I’ve recently started matching up couples in Time Out for the magazine’s weekly blind date.  I see the photos applicants send in to the magazine, and I also see the photos which are taken on the night.  And suddenly I understand why so many people still complain about dishonest photos on dating profiles.

Yes, instagram will make your profile photos look pretty, and may get you more matches …. but …. do you actually want to meet these people in real life?!  If you do, are they going to be disappointed that in real life, you don’t come with a Sierra tint?

Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 11.10.00

2) What do people use Tinder for these days?

Two words.  COCK SHOTS!

Yes, thanks to Instagram, you can now see cock shots in a variety of filters and shades.

Miss Twenty-Nine xxx

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